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Lots of work to come, getting stuff ready for the new year, waiting for Jay to come back and help code but in the mean time myself and John are working to get things running smoothly again, and hopefully get things sorted quite quickly.

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Whats going on come 2011 for Limit Release?

Answer in short? : ALOT

Theres alot of coding to be done, animating things to get them working ingame, and of course more parts!, yes come new year you will see the development of no less than 20 new AC parts, including parts from AC2 all the way to LR, from Zio Matrix & Emeraude all the way to Mirage, Crest and Kisaragi.

Why more parts you say?, alot of fans of the project keep asking for either more weapons or other little bits, so I thought to add them in, it will include another 2 leg classes, Heavy and Float, and feature more weapon arms aswell as some variations on extension units.

Coding wise, we have a character ingame, and the camera setup correctly, thats a major start, John is working on getting the attachment code working, so we can attach weapons and kit to the various nodes on Limit Breakers body to test things out, hopefully when Jay gets back they can both team up and work together to get things working even quicker than they are starting to go at the moment.

I am glad so many of you liked the history video I hosted here and on youtube, the offer from the previous post still stands, if anyone wants to help out in any area, please dont hesistate to ask me directly as I have a feeling that 2011 is going to be one hell of a year for development, good or bad.

Roll on 2011 and more development!



Great work!!

Will there be ANY form of Single player??..At least a Bot Fight ala Formula Front??

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