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First ever ingame footage and screenshot, hold on people cause this could be the start of something special.

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<html xmlns="">Hey again everyone,

After last update I was really shaken up by personal problems, but putting those aside I think I managed to strike it lucky, thus giving all you AC fans something that you have been waiting for, an actual update about any ingame content being made/been made.A person by the name of Vampire managed to stumble into me, and offered to help with a few things to do with scripting, and so far its turning out great, heres the interview for you all to get abit of back story on Vampire.

Moodydata:"So, I suppose I might aswell get right to the point, what made you want to help out in the first place?"

Vampire:"I am a big fan of Armored Core, and a few months ago I was thinking of making a AC game, but I didnt have a team. So when I just happened to find your project on Moddb, and decided to help out if needed. Since I have some experience with UDK, Iwanted to make my experience useful"

Moodydata:"Guess I struck it really lucky then =D"

Vampire:"lol yea you did actually,you basically have all the sources now such as the models and things,that I can just easily put into the game and i am glad to be working with you"

Moodydata:"^^ like wise"

Vampire:"lol =D"

So there you have it folks,we are now a 2 man team,1 artist, and 1 coder.

As for ingame content I am uploading this video anyway to the video gallery, but check out this little thumbnail of Dragon Striker ingame, looking awsome even without his textures! :O

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Till next time!

-Moody & Vampire

Wazubaba - - 82 comments

Good to hear that things are getting better! I'm looking forward to seeing where this is headed.

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