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About the next version and its features and the 0.3 easter egg.

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So i hope you all enjoyed 0.3a i have taken in reports and have fixed a whole load of bugs and have learn't that we should thoroughly test multiplayer before release :P, i am pushing the next release to be as soon as possible so we can get servers up which are not hosted from my own crappy computer and so we can get those bugs fixed and all of the lag gone!

Ill also sneek in some new features such as elemental zombies, new boss spawning, crawling zombies and more! the next version will be off the new sdk 2013 and should be out in the next month or sooner ( or later if something bad happens ) the new sdk allows us to handle our files better ( and possibly release maps as dlc in a vpk file format ), enables multi-core rendering and enables support for virtual reality headsets.

We will also be trying to get more mappers over and hopefully get some new sounds for our round transitions ill be throwing out "job" offers on moddb, fb and gamebanana here's our wanted list:

:: Mappers ( for creating new maps or for sending us old maps for conversion ( will be credited ) )
:: Modellers ( for creating zombie models which will be rigged on the current animations )
:: Animator(s) ( for creating animations for jumping over barriers and walking anims )
:: Sound guy ( for making sounds and stuff )

You can also apply by sending a pm on moddb or emailing us.

Also check out the steam group for the latest discussion on the new map havoc's easter egg, metaloid has setup a discussion about the easter egg and requires your help! Check it out here:

Dieger - - 612 comments

"Ill also sneek in some new features such as elemental zombies, new boss spawning, crawling zombies and more!" :3 awesome sauce

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brandobin - - 105 comments

I've been waiting for crawlers :D

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Tingtom Author
Tingtom - - 820 comments

There easy to do its just for some reason the whole model is rotated by 90 degrees and if i rotate the anims back by 90 it rotates the other way so if i rotate by 0 it fixes it but the walking animation cant be rotated because its included from a separate file so yeah.. ill eventually fix it though.

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Psykotik3637 - - 11 comments

As much as I like keeping mods up-to-date, I don't really like the idea of "elemental" and "boss" zombies. I prefer the game the way it is. I don't like zombies like in Killing Floor or Left 4 Dead with powers. Sometimes, I just wanna rest and survive as long as I can with just walking zombies. So if it's okay with the developer, I'll just stick with 0.3a :)

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Tingtom Author
Tingtom - - 820 comments

Its more of an experimental idea it may not even work out well it depends how it fits with the rest of the game, the new boss spawning is something ive wanted to do in a very long time the bosses haven’t had any integrity and i would like to keep them balanced but with some new things i may get into particle creation and add a nice effect to the boss which gives its position away ever so slightly but also makes you crap yourself but to start with i need them to spawn differently than the rest.

If you have any ideas feel free to comment.

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xemnasvii - - 11 comments

Or game modes. Some for elementals and boss zeds, and a classic game mode with only walkers.

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100gram!_ - - 30 comments

I will try to make a map by my own at first. If it will be good enough, I apply for a mapper.

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