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Almost finished, still struggling with a cold,getting feed back and editing other parts.

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User Posted Image So hey again everyone! So, nearing the end of my part of the project,but not the end of my learning phase this is more of a reflection on the entire project and a self critisism before I finish. When I started the project I thought it was going to be done quickly, but obviously with the games industry releasing alot of games this year, and what with me wanting most of them,I had to put aside the project a couple of times to play stuff, which looking back at I think I should`nt have done due to the fact that it would be finished alot quicker rather than take my sweet time on it.

For those who have`nt seen I have a thread on Epics forums, its nothing special but I have been given the option of help in making the OVA into a playable game Anyway back to my part, during this learning phase, I have learned how to use UDK quite quickly, my work flow has improved alot, I can now get stuff ingame and working quite quickly through Kismet, which I was against at first calling it "utterly terrible" along with the Material Editor,as for my modeling, I learned how to do normal mapping, its not that great and Im still getting used to it, but its something thats really helped the project in terms of detail, so I am really happy I learned how to do that, as well as the fact that I improved my texturing, before my textures where all cartoony but now I can make some neat metal textures quite well with just a few brush techniques, and my animation, well its still not perfect but its better than what I did have back in University, I learned to use keyframes abit better, and I am happy with the results I have gotten.

I hope when I release this, even if things are not quite how people would want in terms of animation or what ever, that you can all still appreciate the time and effort I put into this, and also the effort that the voice actors put in, and also the added help from another one of my friends who will be doing slight edits to the end product in a video editing program to make it look slightly better.

Please be sure to comment on the "Extended" Trailer as its a rough version of what is going to be the end product, most of the scenes in there ,require added effects, and the voice lines are not final therefore they are gonna be tweaked, even so I like to see what the audience thinks so I can make any changes I need to.

Now... if you dont mind I need to go finish some extra scenes that have yet to be built, such as the intro, the garage scene, and a few others and I have approximately 7 days before Reach comes out...

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Hey, nice work so far. If you need any voicework done I would be more than happy to offer my services. My contact info is on the website as well as my demos

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