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Countless problems with O/S, still working on the tweaks to the last scene, more fantastic voice acting and behind the scenes problems.

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So hey again everyone,

4th time making the front page of Moddb last update right? gives me hope :D, anyway back with a small update whilst I am reasonably fit to give one...

I seem to have contracted something which is making me quite I`ll at the moment so its delayed me sending various emails out, as I have been in bed most of the time recently which is a shame, I am trying to also organise the final VA places to be taken when I can, and at the same time deal with numerous operating system problems, and personal problems aswell as the whole thing of me wanting to move in with my friends which may be sooner rather than later.

So far 4 out of 8 VA positions have been filled, by some amazing people, I didnt expect to get what I have at the moment, be sure I`ll try and get a teaser out when I feel better that features some lines from the auditions just to give an example.

In bad news, my computers really messing up, whilst editing and tweaking the final scene before I start on the filler scenes to stretch out the animation, its giving me various problems , such as not being able to record sound, giving me low frame rate for no reason in fraps, and alot of other stuff, so I might just reformat just to clean it all off and start fresh and see what happens, of course I am going to back everything up, and finish off this final sequence for the fight scene first... again when I get better T_T.

Anyways back to bed for me, hopefully I`ll get better so I can do more stuff, till next update!


werty2517 - - 242 comments

Use are doing great, keep up the good work and I'm REALLY impressed in all of your work.

So don't stop now because I'm loving it.

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RTSman - - 42 comments

Hope ya feel better big guy, you do amazing work as far as I'm concerned. It's well worth the wait. ;)

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booman - - 3,654 comments

Hopefully its not too serious. Keep up the good work. Take a break and get better first.

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