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Information about the state of play, why I couldn't meet the release date and new screenshots!

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Hi everyone,

as you have probably noticed, I wasn't able to release Nuclear Cataclysm yesterday. When I wrote about the release date in the last update, I underestimated the time I need to revise the first maps and get them to the qualitiy level I want. On the one hand, there were/are several profound issues that I haven't though of before, on the other hand, there are many details and small things that need much time alltogether.

The state of play is that I nearly finished the first map (some smaller leveldesign and FG/AI work still needs to be done), and revised about the half of the second map. The third map won't need any bigger overwork as it's still quite new, and the last map is finished anyways.
But allthough I'm somehow very close to the release, there's still much work to do, so I can't give another release date now.

To show what some of these "profound issues" are, here are some comparison pictures of one area. I rebuild the entire background-heightmap, the major part of the vegetation and many new details. There are many other areas that I changed in a similar way.

The screenshots show how it looked before and after the revision. The camera position is the same.

Leveldesign - before revision Leveldesign - after revision

Well, that's quite everything for today. Hope you like the improvements. Criticism and comments are (as always) much appreciated!

Greetings, maniac2109

pvcf - - 4,943 comments

i see to less mercenary camps / action on your shots. dont forget to add a nice action mission beside all those nice terrain :)

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maniac2109 Author
maniac2109 - - 145 comments

Well, this is just one scene, and these houses are some kind of "mercenary camp", the Koreans are just hidden on the screens. A fortified camp with sandbags, machine guns and tons of supplies wouldn't make too much sense here as the Koreans don't expect any severe threats; they have just taken control of that area. But thanks for the feedback :)

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Starkiller2356 - - 430 comments

Take your time and don't rush the release. I like the improvements you are making to the maps though, they look exceptional!

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maniac2109 Author
maniac2109 - - 145 comments

Thanks Starkiller, good to hear that there are still patient people out there!

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