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Update 3.5 has been released through Steam! Read about it here then jump in a server to see the new content for yourself.

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Eternal Silence Community,

Update 3.5, the first update from Ignition-Point Entertainment, has officially been committed to the official Steam server. Included are tweaks to everything from ships to maps to textures. Some of the most anticipated changes include a buff to the UTF Fighter, the ability to spray logos, and map balancing for cp_Relay and cp_Warpath. There's something here for everyone; check it out in-game!


- UTF Fighter has received a slight buff in order to make it more up to par with the NGM fighter.
- TB has been buffed. The secondary shot now kills fighters and interceptors in one hit.
- Gunship has been re-named to Dropship.
- Dropship has been upgraded. The dropship pilot is now able to drop mines that will seek out any attacker within its vicinity, similar to the bomber mines. Screenshot
- New ship: Old UTF fighter. This old fighter pre-dates the NGM-UTF war, and is actually the basis of the NGM fighter design. Thus, the Pre-War fighter and the NGM fighter handle very similarly. Can be found in maps with old space bases and ships. Screenshot
- Improved the hologram screen texture. The textures now move and flicker. Screenshot
- Added support for spraying logos, and added a few stock logos to the game.
- New texture set by Philip K.
- Improved sound handling by tankbusters and ships. Both are now audible to other players at a distance.
- New default control scheme.
- Minor balance changes to es_nebular, es_ice and cp_warpath.
- New vent entry system in cp_relay to make attacking easier. Screenshot

We'll be releasing Update 3.55 mid-February including new maps, sounds, gameplay updates, and more!

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I am liking this

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Silent for SO LONG.

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psy_commando - - 73 comments

ahem, ETERNAL Silence :)

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amazing you guys still making changes

great job

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