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Digital coast present two new additions to zombie survival!

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Digital coast presents the zombie survival workshop where you will be able to upload, download, rate, favorite, view screenshots and comment on your own and others maps over all this it allows your maps to be viewed and maybe even added into zombie survival itself!

There will be further development were you will be able to add links to custom content for your maps and installation instructions aswell as the zombie survival team uploading tutorials for your viewing...

Enter the workshop here:
And sign in using steam.

Have a bug or want to request a feature?
Email us using the contact us page:


Why is the site offline?
We are using a free host so there will be complications which we cannot fix until we get our own domain, if you want to help donate.

Why is the site taking ages to load?
This may be your internet connection or the same reason as above.

Why wont my bsp/vmf upload?
After uploading wait until your browser has stopped loading the webpage, once it has finished loading the form will tell you if the uploads were successful.

How do i get my map in zombie survival?
We will look at map submissions and will contact you using your steam name if we like the map.

I have a question, how can i contact you?

I want to help with the website.
Contact us using this page

Voice Actors

We are looking for voice actors for the multiplayer characters apply by email(, moddb or steam(tingtom) with your steamname and once we get a script we consider you joining and pick out 3 more people.

Voice actor 1: jackson ( woman, English/Accent maybe? )
Voice actor 2: hoffman ( XD, man, English/Accent maybe? )
Voice actor 3: pekka ( man, English/Accent maybe? )

We may be looking for language dubs :)

Recent *trollings* to the zs team

Someone wrote: 00:16 - [FG]Unusual "Wigleg" MrSourchops: I was only after your money anyway XD
00:17 - [FG]Unusual "Wigleg" MrSourchops: Else, I would have dropped the Mod,
00:17 - [FG]Unusual "Wigleg" MrSourchops: I dont work for free.
00:17 - [FG]Unusual "Wigleg" MrSourchops: I never have.
00:17 - [FG]Unusual "Wigleg" MrSourchops: And i never will.

Feel free to add this guy and tell him what you think, he was suppose to map for us but ended up leaving the mod because "he was under too much work" even though he didnt make any new maps ( he was nearly finished on a old one ) he then told us that he wanted money from us because he never works for free he even kept saying to me that he owns £12 to a friend he obviously didn't know that zombie survival is a non profit mod and that all source mods are... what a ass.

before he said this he claimed to decompile zombie survivals ( v4 alpha ) and get the source code ( which isnt possible )


That's awesome! Site looks great. Shame about the Wigleg guy though. Don't know what he would even do with decompiled maps, you'd have to change them to avoid being outed as a thief so you may as well make them your self.

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sweet!! btw are you ever gonna optimize the iron sights they are still a lil wonky plus the m4/ m16 (cant remember which) :D) red dot disappears when you shoot it :D are these fixed? or are you gonna fix these?

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Tingtom Author

ive done all the ironsights for mp, beta not yet because its not finished

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oh ok :)

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I'm applying via Email for the voiceacting job. I'll work for free. :P I'm just a teen. Got a great voice and mic though.

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Not getting a response. I'm not sure if the application was sent correctly, because yahoo was falling apart at the time :/

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Tingtom Author

i got it, i didn't answer by email because i was gonna talk over steam

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Got it. I sent you a friend request a few days ago. I'll discuss the whole thing with you tomorrow, kk?

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