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Livestreaming work, New parts,Story Finished, things are finally coming together so I decided it was time for another update.

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Welcome back Ladies and Gents.

In the weeks leadering up to E3, I am trying to get alot more done. You`ll see the gallery getting slightly full up again, recently some parts have taken longer to do than others due to the ammount of detail or lack of reference material, as you can see with the latest arms set I put up, which took quite a while to get right.

I have been doing a Livecast of my work and uploading it to my live cast website for everyone to watch production, I am currently debating weather I am going to start filming constantly around 4pm EST (9PM my time) but thats when I may normally film if I do decide that, if not you`ll most likely catch me on and off at that time during the week at , so if you want to see the production as its happening then come along and see, the streams get recorded and directly uploaded so even if your not there at the right time, you can view the production stuff afterwards.

As for the final section of the update, the story is done, I took inspiration finally from some of my personal favirote Animes/Manga & Games, Including..

Appleseed,Mobile Fighter G Gundam,Gundam 00,Gundam Unicorn, & Armored Core 2

After finishing the story I updated this page to the current story I have set, 20 Years after Kliens death Ravens truely are free as promised,they now hold a Arena tournament on Mars on friendly terms to enjoy the battle without bloodshed,following strict rules to make sure no one dies, but Mars still has a shadow looming over it in this time of peace, Belena and Zio-Matrix (Mars) are still working on various new MT and AC Technologys competing against each other, and they are about to uncover something that will threaten the peace on the red planet.

Stay tuned!



Quite an interesting story layout so far.

I'm really looking forward to this mod and trying out one of the best mech games imo :P.

How much progress is there needed left now?

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