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An article talking about the reference model, the storyline, possible cameos and also the voices.

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Welcome back again all,

Progress is slow again thanks to Red Dead Redemptions release but fear not..... its not really a great game :/, I have never really been a fan of sandbox games so yea....

Anyway that means that I can focus more of my time on the project, I have reworked my schedule and I plan to work Monday-Friday on the project then take Weekends off to play games, so I can get alot more done as I like doing 3d work and really need to get the rest done.

What I have left to do exactly is as follows...

Someone wrote: Model List
-Small MT
-Large MT
-Reverse Walker MT
-2 Sets of legs
-2 Sets of arms
-1 Extension
-1 Radar
-1 Core
-1 Head
-Vanguard Overbooster Unit

After that , I need to focus on the enviroments and building the scenes up in Unreal.

So after taking pictures of the reference model I will start modeling parts from it really soon , so expect those, unfortunately I wont put pictures up of the secret stuff otherwise, well its obvious, it would`nt be a secret anymore :P

The story line is almost written up fully, then I just need to sort out the voices somewhere down the line, and also I am thinking of giving fans their own (slightly limited to customisation) AC`s for one of the scenes, the parts list will be limited to the ones I have made eventually when they are all done, but customisation will include custom colours, logos, and eye colour, just my way of including the community really.

Anyway till next time when I actually have something to show... Im currently working on finishing off the ELN-070`s atm.


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