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We're releasing a private demo in the next few days to the VR community to let them check out our tech and gameplay.

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Stages 1 and 2 are currently receiving a final coat of polish to get them up to snuff for an upcoming demo, which we'll be releasing privately to the VR development community in the next few days. It's not going to be a public demo -- not yet, at any rate -- but you can certainly expect more footage of our real gameplay. Since the last video, we've incorporated a brand-new lighting and fog system, as well as replaced the temp stuff you saw with new, high-quality graphical assets. It'll be very close to the finished look of the game and show the challenge in reacting to the hostile environment and predicting where you don't want to be on your way down.

I for one can't wait to show you. The primary mechanic in Euclidean is visibility, and you won't be having a lot of it. That's what makes a horror game: Not knowing what new terrors lie in wait just around the corner.

RyanSpanAvatar--Ryan A. Span, Project & Design Lead

PS. I'll be uploading some new screens ahead of the video coming out. It's been much too long since our last teaser!

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