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Our Prototype is now free to download! We have reached >50% on Kickstarter!

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Kickstarter News

Hey everyone, we've had a great showing so far! It's only been four days and we're already at greater than 50% of our goal! We just need to push for a few more days at this rate and we'll be sure to reach our goal! This has happened much faster than I can put out updates.

Our $8 "early bird special" tier is gone. That's amazing! If you missed out on the early bird special, you can go for the $10 tier, which is the same.

Pre-Alpha Prototype
We're happy to announce the release of our pre-alpha protoype to backers and non-backers alike! You can get it here. Feel free to play it, and keep in mind that our game is in a very early state right now! I've also recorded an honest 20 minute video describing what we have in our prototype.

System Recommendations:

  • Windows PC Running Windows 7 (Windows 8 may work, but not Mac or Linux)
  • Mouse, Keyboard (preferably US Layout)
  • 4 GB of RAM 8 preferred
  • 2 Core processor, 4 to 8 preferred.
  • Video card with at least 128 MB of VRAM (512 to 1 GB preferred)

We have several updates up and coming about technical and design details of DwarfCorp. We're excited!

CYON4D - - 276 comments

Great stuff.

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Giamme - - 98 comments


are you going to take this to Linux too?

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Guest - - 699,132 comments

are the dwarfs going to be 3D like the rest of the game cause they don't exactly fit in at the moment

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shard123 - - 10 comments

Looks really interesting, keep up the great work!

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meteoricgames - - 12 comments

Love the basic game idea, and great to see it doing so well on Kickstarter, keep up the good work guys!

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Redgard - - 25 comments

when you order to your dwarfs to guard anything, the game crash.

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