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An update for Dreamcast Conversion has been released

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Update 3 for Dreamcast Conversion is now ready!

Download the full package here.

Be sure to install the mods in the correct order! Check the install guide for more details.

This update brings a number of bug fixes and enhancements, as well as restores even more Dreamcast stuff!

Highlights of this version:

  • Mod updates: compatibility with an upcoming feature of SADX Mod Loader that will let you auto-update your mods! You'll never have to check the ModDB page, Dropbox or whatever again - the Mod Loader will tell you when there is an update for any mod included in DC Conversion. To support this feature, the Mod Loader itself will also need to be updated, so make sure you click "Yes" when the Mod Loader prompts you to download a newer version. In the meantime, I have set up a MEGA mirror of my DC Mods folder for those who can't download from Dropbox.
  • Dreamcast water textures for all areas except Emerald Coast. An optional mod to revert to SADX water textures is also included. If you prefer the previous textures, just enable SADX Style Water in the Mod Loader.
  • The ADX Voices mod now also includes Japanese voices from the Dreamcast version.
  • Many smaller accuracy improvements, such as cloud color in Red Mountain, several SA1 object models in different stages, minor lighting fixes for various stages, and material colors on all forms of Chaos before Chaos 6 - now Chaos has a greenish tint like on the Dreamcast.
  • The "Flipped environment maps" code has been removed. Instead, you get a new mod called DC Style Environment Maps, which does the same the as the code, but also restores missing detail on the Egg Hornet model.
  • This is not strictly Dreamcast-related, but you can now explore the Adventure Fields at different times of day after completing the story (Time of Day mod). Just take the train between Station Square and Mystic Ruins to cycle between day, evening and night.
  • Skybox transparency for Windy Valley has been restored, also the tornado/fog received additional tweaks. Other stages have also had some tweaks to fog and draw distance settings.
  • An insane amount of bug fixes.

Be sure to also grab the latest build of the Palette Lighting mod by SonicFreak94 - the latest version has had several important fixes, and it's worth updating if you want to get as close to a Dreamcast experience as currently possible.


In other news, I am currently working on a major update for the Sound Overhaul. It will restore many missing sounds and improve sound quality and volume of all ingame sounds (except Chao-related stuff). And no more reverb that plagued the first test release!

Recently there has also been impressive progress in porting SA1 character models to SADX. ItsEasyActually is currently working on a full Sonic model port, and you can check out his video here.

Having issues with DC Conversion? Be sure to keep your Mod Loader up to date, but if nothing helps and you think it's a bug - head over to the issue tracker and I'll see if I can fix it.

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