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A few patch notes and updates made to the wad file from April 25th 2016 up until September 19th 2017.

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It's been well over a year now since my last proper update alongside some update and patch notes, well since then I've performed a lot of heavy work on the mod, and I've increased the amount of maps from whatever it was before (probably about 3 or 4) all the way up to the massive number of 6! Three years of development and only 6 maps so far, I need to up my game. Anyways, since the latest update to the ALPHA version of the wad file, I decided to release some more update and patch notes alongside it. I'll try my best to include as much as I can remember from 2016.

Oxygéne, Act 1 - September 19th 2017

  • Renamed the mod from "The Devil Sleeps" to "Oxygéne" and redesigned my plan for the mod being a 32 level PWAD to a two part mod with each part being at least 24 levels long.
  • Finally fixed missing door sounds and other such missing things caused by a simple coding error made in MAPINFO.
  • Replaced MAP02 with a completely different map and moved the original MAP02 to MAP05, you now find the hell portal a little later in the game.
  • Replaced MAP03 with a completely different map and moved the original MAP03 to MAP06, meaning you don't get to hell until the 6th map.
  • Added a couple thousand new textures to the wad file to give me more options for level themes and texture choices.
  • Added some new custom FX to the wad.
  • Made heavy changes to MAP01 through MAP04 in terms of level design, enemy and pickup placements, decorational objects and general scenery and more.
  • Fixed any missing texture bugs in all maps and fixed all double defined textures in SLADE.
  • Added exits for both incomplete maps (MAP02 and MAP04) until they're finished.
  • Removed the mod's dependency on using both DOOM & DOOM II iwads. DOOM was removed from the equasion, leaving just DOOM2.wad, I then literally just ripped the textures from DOOM and stuck them in DOOM II, the music is next...

Future Updates

  • Complete MAP04, make it long and much more puzzle-like
  • Try to add ambient sounds that play throughout the level
  • Add sound sequences that are triggered by certain actions, and that maybe go along with certain cutscenes
  • Add DOOM music to DOOM II, and perhaps share across any other DOOM resources that DOOM II perhaps doesn't have.
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