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the last update for the alpha version of this mod then im going to release it to the beta testers

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:: Grenades given at startup aswell as pistol (100%)
:: Weapon use system (100%)

:: Hopwire (100%)
:: Lower weapon on sprint (100%) - added convar to turn off *

:: Grenade, Vortex grenade and claymore counter (90%) - added hopwire ( 2 grenades given every round ) also added item for in maps for buying more grenades also added one for hopwire
:: Barriers (0%) - messed up deleted made it so they just come out of the door without breaking, upstairs system added

:: Maps (100%) - haywire is being changed, and factory has been edited. future map pack is being thought of
:: Zombies (100%) - changed to fastzombies (they are so better and faster and have better AI) also added crawlers(classic torso) and a every 3 round boss (poison zombie)
:: Rounds (100%) - changed zombie spawner to be joined with zombies health and rounds also the poison zombie (and his headrcrabs) and the zombie torsos have a certain health and attack damage depending on the round
:: Knifing (100%)

:: Pack a punch (0%) - (NEED MODELLER) (BETA)
:: Mystery box (0%) - (NEED MODELLER) (BETA)
:: Sodas (0%) - (NEED MODELLER) - cant use PHD flopper, GR3AVE5Y has modeled one already (still unfinished) (BETA)
:: Teleporters (0%) - (NEED MODELLER) (BETA)
:: Ironsights (100%)
:: Turrets (80%) - boredom made me add these / maybe get a new model ? also made it run out of ammo and only can be activated once in a round
:: Death Machine (0%) - (NEED MODELLER) (BETA)
:: Options menu (100%) - recreated original options dialog also added video options

:: Death/Hurt overlay (100%) - added convar to turn off *

:: New New HUD (100%) - also got rid of resource history thing , added weapon name to hud
:: Fonts/Weapon Icons (100%) - new weapon icons/and text on menu added
:: Bullet Penetration (100%) - on metal ,wood and plastic
- added convar to turn off *
:: Debris/door system (100%)

:: Player speed affected by weapon weight (100%)

:: Motion Blur (100%) - added convar to turn off *
:: Two weapons only (100%) - only have two weapons after that you switch weapons
:: Prone - (BETA)

:: Throw grenade on button (100%) - i have added the grenades so you can throw on a button press instead of having the weapon, same with knife and hopwire
:: Weapons (?%) - added ak74u and deagle as first weapon added defender M4, added WA2000, added M3Shotgun, added mac10, added m4a1, added hk1, added m16a4, added revolver, added mpl, added thundergun test weapon

:: Leaderboard (100%) - press tab to show your current score, kills, round etc, in future release it will save to a server added to menu.
:: Gore (100%) - added more gibs and some more blood
:: Silencers (100%) - if any of the weapons i have added have silencer animations then you can now activate the silencer using the desired button in keyboard options it makes the damage smaller but the zombies cant hear it (its pretty useless but it looks nice)
:: Sound (100%) - added cheesy buy sound to turret, frag & hopwire and weapon when you buy them, added all sounds from call of duty for pickups and pickup loop.
:: Pickups (100%) - need to be tested there are : insta-kill, nuke, max-ammo, double points and bonus points. Boss drops max ammo and pcikups only spawn after 5 second after zombie spawn.

after some map fixing im going to release this to the beta testers, then release it and work on the final version.

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Getting **** done. Kudos. Cant wait for the final release.

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