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Final update, mod about to be released. So missing one thing I forgot.

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Update 2.0

I would release the mod now, but I forgot a very important thing.

The sounds for Stalker SHOC has the following settings:

Mono \ 16-bit PCM.

The sounds of Metro 2033 is:

Mono \ 32-bit PCM

But What does this have to do?

I was playing the Lost Sounds right now, and I realized that:
When a dog is far, and it comes to bite me, the sound of it is down, but when he comes near me, the sound is too low. Ai came the question:

I'll have to edit all sounds to Mono \ 16-bit PCM, it will prolong the release of the mod, I believe that one day I can do it all. Maybe today I already put it for download, there is so expect ModDB check the download.

Updates to 2.0

Sons 90% of mutants were altered (Note: Metro 2033 is a totally different game Stalker, what do I mean is: There were all the sounds of the mutants I moved)

For example: The Dog, has sound Watchman Hunter, but there is still the original sounds of the Stalker. I kept it, to have a bit of Stalker spirit.

Weapons 90% of the sounds have changed (Note: Not all weapons will be shooting noise equal to the Metro 2033, because if I change the sounds of all weapons of Stalker, all sound will be the same, because Metro 2033 so has a pistol).

Environment 30% of the sounds have changed (Note: Metro 2033 is in a snowy environment, there is no sun, birds singing, the sound of the swamp, there is not this, then gave so replace the sounds of rain, and some of the Environments)

Interface 90% of the sounds have changed (Note: I changed almost all the sounds of the interface, because almost all Metro 2033, do not have a wide range of sounds, so I put the maximum that had)

Sounds in general: 15% of the sounds have changed (Note: Metro 2033 does not have a wide variety of sounds in general as guitar, npc's telling jokes, etc ..)

That is all .


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Good luck :) , keep the good work.

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Thank you .

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