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An update for Dreamcast Conversion has been released

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Download the full package here!

Be sure to install the mods in the correct order! Check the install guide for more details.

This is an accuracy update. With this update, I challenge you to find differences between DC Conversion and the actual Dreamcast version. If you can find an object or an area that looks different on the Dreamcast and isn't mentioned in the "Issues" file, please report it on the issue tracker, on Sonic Retro or here, and then I will fix it in an update (if I can)!

Highlights of this version:

  • Restores many more Dreamcast objects in various stages, including Twinkle Park, Lost World and Final Egg - check out the electric cylinders in Final Egg 1 (Amy), 2 (Sonic) and pits in Final Egg 3!
  • Restores the Egg Carrier model in Sky Chase. An optional mini-mod to restore Tornado models is also included.
  • Restores cloud layers in Sky Deck and Red Mountain
  • Includes an optional HD GUI pack for almost all ingame GUI elements except the main menu: pause menu, timer/ring counter, life icons (thanks Dark Sonic!), scoreboards, life gauges, boss font (thanks SteG!) etc. Make sure you load the HD GUI mod AFTER DC Branding if you intend to use them together!
  • An optional "Flipped environment maps" code for the Mod Loader (thanks SonicFreak94!) that flips the reflections like on the Dreamcast (you must have the DC Final Egg mod enabled to be able to toggle this code).
  • Update for the DC Branding mod, which now includes DC level titlecards, an animated VMU icon in options, a different color for Pause menu buttons and SA1 credit screens (thanks TheArcadeStriker!). An optional experimental mod to disable Cream (lol) is also included.
  • Mission Mode compatibility - you can now beat all 60 SADX missions with Dreamcast landtables!
  • Accuracy improvements: the reflections on the Twinkle Park walkway in Station Square are now the same as on the Dreamcast, some objects in Twinkle Park are now lit up correctly etc. The ocean in Emerald Coast is now properly aligned with the horizon like on the Dreamcast. I also undid many of my old transparency fixes and reintroduced them with better accuracy.
  • More fog and draw distance enhancements for various levels
  • LOTS of bug fixes!

As always, full changelog is available in the archive. Also be sure to also grab the latest build of the Palette Lighting mod by SonicFreak94 to enjoy SA1 lighting with even better accuracy.

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