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Hey good news. I got the keyboard now so I don't need to wait.

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The amazon keyboard just arrived 3 days earlier.
I continued the third level and I just realized that the game isn't gonna be 3 levels long, its gonna have 3 acts/chapters, every chapter will have 3 levels.

Also if you have any question or just want to talk about the mod or anything, you can join my new discord server, feel free to ask anything:

So here is the new plot with levels:
-Chapter 1: the escape (In blue planet)
·Level 1: try to get into the train to escape from the first level.
·Level 2: (spoilers lmao) train crashed, so you need to follow your way on foot.
·Level 3: you find a car inside the tunnel you get on level 2, so you can continue your way, finally you find a flying ship to escape from the blue planet to get into your red planet. (No, its not earth and mars, but its inspired by).

-Chapter 2: the invasion
·Level 4, 5 & 6: you finally escaped from the 'blue capitalist team' and you got back to your planet, but blue team wants to invade the red planet, so you are just another robot working for humans, and your current mission is to start cleaning your planet in the 3 different levels.

-Chapter 3: the war
·Level 7 & 8: you and a bunch of red robots start to go into the main blue team base in your planet.
·Level 9: you basically destroy the main base of the blue team and you win the war, obviusly... Or not?

So this is what I have for now. The levels that are already done are the 3 first, as I said, I had planned to make just 3 levels and its just you escaping from the planet, but I want to make a more large game/mod, so I thought that It was interesting to play in the main planet too so, here is the new idea. I'll probably have the game finished on feb or may, as I already said I want to first finish the basic game and then polish it, so it will take some time. I want to say that this isn't gonna be perfect, I'm just 1 person and I'm a hobbyst, I do this for fun, I don't really know how everything works in unreal tournament 3, and its obvious that you don't have all the content of the game, so I'll do what I can, but I think I will make a nice game.

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