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This update details some of the current happenings with the DoRA project and well as letting the folks know that we're still looking for help.

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Hello, It's Ken. I apologize for the lack of updates. Progress has been really slow, but we are pushing forward. We've recently opened up auditions for the Champion cards' voices and while we're focusing primarily on the two Champions that will be featured in demo version of the game, we're also having auditions for the other Champions. We've received some great responses and great interest reagrding the roles and have even started casting voice actors as Champions. Auditions will end at the end of this month and we'll post some of the finalized voice work in the future.

We're also working with a composer by the name of Sean Haeberman, who will be composing the battle themes for the game. He is currently working on the main battle theme for the demo. He is a very talented composer and it has been a pleasure working with him. You can check out some of his music on soundcloud at

Riccardo Zoppello has been hard at work creating card illustrations for the cards that will be featured in the demo. He's a great artist and has been very fun to work with. We'll be updating the images section with new card art every few days. We hope that you guys are pleased with the card illustrations. In addition to the card illustrations, we now have a 3D modeler!! I've posted an image of model that he's done complete with textures. So that's one less position we have to worry about filling.

Speaking of positions, we're still looking for programmers and (G)UI artists. If you or anyone you know might be interested please message me on Indie DB or send us a message at

The chosen engine for the game is the Unity 3D engine and we'll be using Player IO for servers.

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