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This is just a general update, nothing fancy......

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Im just setting up a wiki for SFAW
Its far from complete (hell ive just started it)

First thing ill be adding is details on the Stargate ships. See how that looks then ill invite anyone who wants to help to add other factions ships. BUT only those in the mod...

On another note, over the past few weeks ive cought some flak from some people over some images i posted. To those people i say grow up and get over it...
To those who took them for the lolz like they were meant to be then hope u enjoyed them...

Now onto the mod update...
As u have noticed a new Top 10 - Scifi Aliens was posted a few days ago, and its the first im a revival of the series, i think, depends on how much time ive got to put into it. Ive recently taken up laying magic the gathering, so thats taken up a lot of my spare time. Im also doing a re-watch of Stargate (Every ep from all series). Ive knocked over SG1 Season 1 and 2 in 3 or 4 days lol. But ive been fiddling with the Spacebattleship Yamato units as ive been going. So far ive got around 8 units in total. All can be found in the image gallery. I hope you like them as theyll be the new boss near the end of the GC.

Ive also spent some time plotting in the Halo planets and adjusting the other planets into there new locations. GC is far from finished. As im trying to work out how to make units autospawn for enemy factions, so that as u defeat a sector and take the 'boss' planet they all spawn in. This means that itll remove all the lag, or at least most of it... but im not haveing any luck and nayone wo knows GC coding is more than welcome to PM me

But thats about it. I know this is just a quick update, but stay tuned as the next Top10 is in the works as well as a new GC preview (once i realign all the planets)

Have fun

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Veritas - - 281 comments

Awesome=] i can write bout B5 if you want? =]

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Spinobreaker Author
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sounds good, once i work out whats happening with b5

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You doing the Stargate rewatch thing that was posted on Gateworld?

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Spinobreaker Author
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not as they do it, ill watch the whole thing 5x through by the time they do there 1x lol

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