Post news RSS Update 18! [That's no moon, thats a Space station!!!]

"The Awesome" awaits you, where this update, some cool stuff and big changes has been added to the game!

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1. Space Station.(Not actually orbiting, just floating in space)
2. A music plays when leaving Earth's Atmosphere. [Credit to Kevin MacLeod]
3. Orion Drive. (Nuclear Impulses on a press of a button.
4. Breakable Glass Cups in the random house.
5. After leaving the Atmosphere, a text pops-up that says "Vacuum Detected....", and when reentering the Atmosphere, its says "Atmospheric Rise Detected....."
6. Teleport to Spawnpoint, with a blue and red beam appearing on you.
7. The Actual planet is now Visible from space, instead just the Atmosphere.

1. Gravity bombs is now theoretically more realistic.(It is a Compressed matter when hit it compressed even more to create a black hole)
2. Gravity bombs have a gravitational pull in to it.(Refer from the first point)
3. Now Changed both option menu to have the same buttons, meaning that both have Quality and Resolution.....
4. Its difficult to hear Dynamic sounds when traveling too fast.

What was going to be added:-
1. Velocity text in meter/second.
2. Collision Sounds.
3. Moon as a visitable place.(In a different level)

1. Fixed the Person hiding in the Random house raising his middle finger.(Actually he wasn't raising his middle finger)
2. Updated the Spawnlist Controls Info in the pause menu.
3. Fixed Earth's Ambient sound being heard from space.

Known Bugs:-
1. Player starts glitching as you go further out in space.
2. Looking back down into Earth, can cause the Frame-rate to drop.

Thats all for now.....
(IMPORTANT: Be noted that this is not the release, its just a dev Update that would be added in the next release....)

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