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Update #1 code and story line... In this update I share with you the features that have been coded and I tell a little about the game and the development team... There are many other features not listed but thoes are just to get the main point accross :) peace out ~trey777~

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Yo well this game has been up and running for a long time i just never got arround to adding it on Moddb...

Well this game is a LUA game which means no FPS... But it is a top down action game.

Altho the videos on youtube are vary old and we where going to make a comedy game but me and my team decided to go in a seriouse direction... Stick man1.0 is a crime action game but since animations on a large scale are hard because LUA player is vary limited we will make it a comic book slide with voice overs for cut sceens...

So fare we have the following coded:

- Map 1 (world one)
- Map 2
- Minni games
- Textures for world one are final!
- Collision detection
- Most of the missions
- Saving
- New server for Auto update and news letter
- CPU is set to 333 for the game to run faster
- Loading screens
- Tile engine is re coded
- Clock & day counter
- Textures are re optimized to max texture limit
- ADHOC lobby is in development
- WIFI lobby is in development

Even tho I have been working on this for a long time really i was just playing arround with it... In the last week i have got more seriouse about it and got a few friends to help me do the Voice acting and story boreds...

A sample image of how the tile engine looks on the psp (top down)

User Posted Image

Well thats it for now :)

Peace out

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