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Decided to remove Creepypasta characters (BEN, Laughing Jack, Eyeless Jack and The Rake), filling their roles with new/other characters in ALWAYS HUNTING. Going to get things back on track.

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The human mind is so intriguing... yet so fragile...
A little rip here, a little tear there, and it isn't long before they are rendered a screaming savage; on a rampage of destruction while begging for their own.

~Το Μαύρο Δεντρο, ALWAYS HUNTING - Jacob's Story

What's up, people? Hope you've all been doing well, because I'm here to give you an update.
First things first; I gathered a few people's opinions on the matter in the "I am conflicted" news post and did some thinking, and I came up with a solution to the problem which I spoke with my team members and some of my friends about, and they gave positive feedback to it. So, here it goes;

Eyeless Jack, Laughing Jack, BEN, The Rake and Jeff the Killer (to an extent) are furthermore cut from the ALWAYS HUNTING series, and for very good reasons.
- It will allow us to create a new experience with fresh enemies and will allow further expansion upon the story.
- The restriction of established lore behind them can put limitations on where one can go, whereas characters created by us will not have that problem since I have already figured out how to make the stories of other projects interconnected with ALWAYS HUNTING.
- I feel that removing them is the best way to avoid potential issues with their respective creators, permission required/granted or not.
- Even though none of the Creepypastas are canonically set in the same universe, it would cause confusion as to why I was using characters from Creepypasta and then a character that looks like the Slender Man but isn't. Removing the said characters fixes that issue.
- Thinking ahead, I realised that they wouldn't be necessary in the rest of the series, so depending on them for the first game didn't seem like a wise idea.

Remember the huge hole I mentioned that would be blown in the story if they were removed? Well I made sure there would be a solution to that before going discussing my idea with the team.

- The First (the creature seen in the "Whatever the Cost" image) will fill the roles of Eyeless Jack and The Rake, since he is creature-like and it will make sense since he has a prominent role in Jacob's Story.
- Instead of using BEN, I decided to make a new character named Kenan (the child in "Why Did You Do It?") to fill the role he was going to play. Name, history, and catchphrase is now altered.
- Why I said "to a point" when referring to him (which also includes Jane) is because yes, there is still a Jeff and a Jane referred to as "the Killer", but not in the way that you know them. Their appearances haven't changed much and Jeff's story retains a few elements of the original Creepypasta, but the differences will be obvious.
- As some of you (who follow my Facebook page) may know, there is another character; The Heartbreaker. He is to take Laughing Jack's place, but the scenario has changed to accommodate the vast difference in not only appearance, but in story, character and lore. He will have a slightly similar role to the one that Laughing Jack was going to have, but a lot of the details have been changed.

So, that's all for them folks. Thanks to everyone who gave feedback, it was all taken into account so don't feel like you wasted your time. It really did help.

Now as for the second thing I wanted to talk about, I am intending to get things back on track very soon, because I know that I have been posting renders here and there, but they don't say much in terms of progress on the actual prototype/game except that character models are looking good.
So, while I wait for progress to be made on the map of the first demo level (which our level designer MNecrow is working on) I will be working on a few things in my spare time
- Making animations for the character models, since they will be needed for when the level is finished.
- Finishing work on the Walshinator Productions website I announced that I was working on last year, and admittedly forgot about
- Start designing the other two levels that will be featured in the prototype (not the maps themselves, because my mapping isn't very good haha, rather the speech and events)
- ????
- PROFIT (sorry, I had to :'D )

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