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This update improves the mod and adds four new civs so with this mod you can play a "the mod civs only" matches.

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Changelog 1.5

New civs
Yearro, Goldian, Stonish, Epicani


Removed non unique units and techs

Wonder bonus gives 4/4 instead of 2/2 armor

Wonder bonus now gives infantry +5 melee armour and castles +3 range (instead of just 5/2 armour)

Wonder bonus now gives Villagers +60HP +4 Attack +2/3 armour (instead of hand cannons/conquistadors +3 projectiles)

Wonder bonus siege hp bonus decreased to 50% was 2x

Wonder bonus cavalry now does +4 attack vs buildings instead of 8 only tarkans get +8 vs buildings

Wonder bonus infantry attack and fishing ships work 25% faster (instead of infantry +10 vs infantry and 25% attack speed)

Gets their own theme tune
Wonder bonus now causes buildings to regenerate

Gets their own theme tune

Gets their own theme tune

Gets their own theme tune

Here are the new civs

Britons: Archers +2 range and attack and 20% more accuracy

Franks: Cavalry 3/3 armour +50% HP

Goths: Barracks 2x HP/Work rate

Teutons: Infantry +5 melee armour and castles +3 range

Japanese: Infantry attack and fishing ships work 25% faster

Chinese: Archers and Scorpions 2x the projectiles

Byzantines: Fireships +2 range and buildings 50% HP

Persians: Elephants bigger area damage and 50% HP and 3/5 armour

Saracens: Camels act like mamelukes

Turks: Similar as artillery but twice the effect

Vikings: Warships 50% HP and +4 attack and infantry self-heal

Mongols: Cavalry archers fire 20% faster and +4 attack and +10 vs siege

Celts: Siege units 50% HP and siege workshops 2x Work rate

Spanish: Villagers +60 HP and +4 attack and 2/3 armour

Aztecs: Monks 2x HP and +4/4 Armour

Mayans: Archers train 50% faster +4 attack vs archers and +4 pierce armour

Huns: Cavalry +4 attack vs buildings (Tarkans have +8) and 20% move speed

Koreans: Turtle Ships, towers, and mangonel line +2 range

Festivians: Buildings slowly regenerate

Humbuganians: Torchers now do 5x damage vs buildings and siege instead of 3x

Frostori: Ice Mages/Towers +2 attack and walls +500 HP

Humorish: Monks +3 range and siege fire 33% faster

Yearro: Firework units +2 projectiles

Goldian: Trade units 2x HP and rewarded +1000 gold

Stonish: Stone miners collect +10 more stone and work 25% faster

Epicani: Gunpowder units +2/4 armour

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