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​(Added) Updated NPC Models! (Finished version)​ (Added) Updated Clothing and Armor Durability! (WIP) (Added) Tame-able Pets! (50 In current build) (Update-WIP) Animals capture-able only with Copper Cages! (Added) Collars and Collar Equips Slot! (Added) Tame and UnTamed State! (Pets Only) (Added) Random Ability with pets on capture! (Added)Achievements and Comic Page Added to Site! WIP

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  • Update) Updated Miolhrian Scorpion and Dog Models!

  • (Update) Updated sand, stone, clay and rock designs!

  • (Update) Replace broken Lockers and Chest with locked ones!

  • (Update) Updated Controls!

  • (Update)Multiple Icon and Craft Updates!

  • (Update) Dizzy State reduces Speed and Accuracy!

  • (Update) Increase transition into battle speed!

  • Updated Intro and Game Over based on Upcoming Comic!

  • (Update) Comic Cover Update! WIP

    • (Coming Soon) Trading Card Covers based on comics!!!​

  • (Update) Multiple in Battle fixes and changes!

    • Gaining and losing Health shows in Red!

    • Gaining and losing Special shows in Blue!

    • Gaining and losing Stamina shows in Yellow!

    • Most Text removed from battle and damage shows on character better!

  • (Update) Multiple Icons updated!

  • Updated Battle screen!

  • (Update) Updated Pet Crafting Table!

  • (Update) Updated Weapons Durability! (WIP)

  • (Update) Updated locked shops after Dark!

  • (Fix) Fixed Training Dummy skills!

  • (Fix) Fix Aftermath text and in battle text box!

    • bug and minor fixes!

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