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Greetings fellow DX lovers! Now that yours truly is all done with exams for the time being, Infinity has been calling. Over the past five or so days I've managed to pump in a reasonable amount of effort and while there isn't anything to show here yet, it's certainly considerable progress which is most pleasing for myself. I have now updated the mod summary with some more information regarding story and so on, so I hope it's interesting and if you've got any questions, please ask!

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“It is with great sadness that I speak to you tonight. I am truly sorry to announce that Jon Zika, leader of Zika Industries, the CEO of Zika Industries, has been found dead in his penthouse apartment in downtown Tokyo. At the current time, we do not know the details surrounding his death, but the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department are currently on site and investigating the cause. We promise to update you as this story progresses.”

2052. Tokyo, Japan. Jon Zika has been found dead, and foul play is apparent. But with Zika Industries being a leading researcher in medical technologies utilising Nano-augmentation to fight diseases, the motive behind the suspected murder of Jon Zika is a mystery.As UNATCO Agent Jack Turner, you are tasked with the responsibility of aiding the Tokyo police force in finding out what happened to Jon Zika and why. There is more at stake though than simply capturing a murderer, and the choices you make along the way will shape the future irrevocably, so whatever you choose… be careful.

Deus Ex: Infinity is a Mod for Deus Ex, the hit game from Ion Storm published in 2000, yet still going strong thanks to the efforts of modders in projects such as The Nameless Mod and Deus Ex: Nihilum.My project does not aim to be as revolutionary as TNM, rather, I aim to create a game that echoes the spirit of Deus Ex while still keeping a freshness about it. You, the player, will take the role of Jack Turner, a UNATCO Agent who has been assigned to investigate the murder of Jon Zika. There is more to it than is initially apparent however, and over the course of the game you will be faced with some tough decisions. There are very few choices that are right or wrong, and you may be making decisions you do not agree with (then again, maybe you do?). Your travels will take you from Hong Kong to Tokyo and beyond.Your choices WILL affect the outcome of the game, and while some may like it, and others dislike it, choices you make early on and throughout the story will affect the ending. No quick-saving and selecting Button 2 instead of Button 1 in this mod.If you have any questions, comments, or if you’re interested in providing assistance (not required, but always welcomed) please just post below or send me a message!


What follows is the original post of mine from OTP Forums and my initial information splurge here on ModDB. I've kept it here for reference and for people to read if they so desire!

MetropolisMedia wrote: The main gist of the story is that the PC is a nano-augmented UNATCO Agent based in Hong Kong (because everyone really loves that place, yeah?). He's called in to action when the head of Zika Industries, Jon Zika, is found dead at his penthouse apartment in Tokyo. As with anything Deus Ex related, things are larger than they originally appear.
Zika Industries is a R&D company involved in nano-augmentation and have been researching ways in to how it can be used for health benefits. The player is tasked with investigating this murder and the who, why and so on of it.
The idea is to walk the line of a "grey moral area". Think The Witcher, but less (read: none) sex. In addition to this, I'm really going for replayability and making choices "matter". While I don't envision the game to take any longer than 4 or 5 hours, I'm hoping that players will be interested to see how things will be different depending on their choices.

In terms of story, characters and the development of related things, I've got about 60-70% of it done in my Design Document, and I'm more finalizing the ending and how it's affected now.

So far, the planned map list is as follows:

Hong Kong
UNATCO HQ - 75% done

Penthouse Apartments
Tokyo MPD
Tokyo Streets
Flash (working name) Hostess Bar
Zika Industries

Streets (with shop/restaurant) 20% done
1+1 Club - 70% done
Manufacturing Plant

Port Adelaide

So there we have it. This week I'm on holiday from university for about a month, so I'm hoping to make large strides on it (This during the daytime, DCUO during my "rest" time at night).
I don't really have any intention to heavily modify UI, weapons or so on. I'm tempted to incorporate some of the TNM or Nihilum items (weapons, consumables, deco etc) but I'll have to see how I go :)

If you've got any comments, suggestions or so on, I'd love to hear it. At the moment I've not decided re voice acting or custom music. If there's volunteers or anything, then of course I'll take it, but I'm just taking things as they come and seeing how it goes at the moment.

So cheers! Hope that wasn't all too long or off putting... and as I said, any questions or comments, I'd love to hear them!

Around Wednesday or Thursday I'll be updating this even more with a more coherent and streamlined explanation of the game and what it will involve.

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Hooray! Sounds (and also looks) great, best of luck with the project!

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