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It is of my understanding that some of you need some help knowing how this battle began at Centaurius IV. This also places down a small video from our chap who is working in coding now.

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First of all, I would like to present to you our new member, who is now working with us in coding, being a CGI specialist. Jester Wilde has thrown a great contribution by giving us this video of his work with the B.I.A. Mod: http:

Something new is that the models are now nearing completion and coding is now stepping up the game. This should give many of you a great deal of happiness as it is saying that we are now near the Date of Release!

Now for the Background:
++++transmission+++ Thought for the day. Don't think,Do

security red++++
Astropath Val Silvus++sender
Recieved Karkin Mal+++

Blessed be Him on Terra. To anyone receiving this message, We are overrun, by the insipid Xeno known as the Ork. The control most of the continent including the mineral mines, desalinisation plants, and most of the promethium feilds. We've lost contact with the northern hemisphere completly, we only hope that the Emporer has seen fit to take him to his side, Praise His name. 4 Hives still hold out, along with one Starport held by the Centaurius PDF. The Sons and daughters of Centaurius hold this in the hope that reinforcements will arrive in time.

We don't know how much longer they will last, as the Xeno seems endless, there are also unconfirmed reports of fighting with regiments of Imperial Guard wearing the same uniforms as the regiments sent 2 cycles ago...disease is running rampant among the population...In his holy name..we beseech anyone hearing this to send whatever help available... We will hold to the last man, with the Emporer's name on our lips.

+++transmission ends++

Asropath Karkin Mal. 5654th Imperial Army
For Lord General Milus Conterion
Expect help++ I am dispatching 4 regiments to Centaurius IV immediatly. This should be more than adequate to deal with this...we are on a holy crusade and I can not send more. However, let it not be said that Lord General Milus Conterion let servants of the Imperium in dire straits.
The Emporer protects.++++


4 regiments my Lord??!! They will be destroyed. The Ork holds the starport, only 2 hives remain...the foul powers are here...
transmission interupted.

General Dann Koburn to the troops aboard the Storm of Rightousness

"You know me." "I'm that bastard that has sent you into meat grinders and against all impossible odds, you've managed to come out the other side." " Today, I send you into another." "There's no intel, we have no idea what we are up against." "Needless to say, we're going in hot."

"Our duty is to the Emporer, the powers that be demand this world be freed from all of his enemies...Who are we to question that?" "This is something new, a fight like no others." "We have been designated the 432nd Imperial battle group, Mordian, Tallarn, Elysian and Vostroyan...none of that matters anymore." "Today we write history in the blood of our fallen."

"Remember your training!" Remember all those have fallen before us!" Remember above all the love of the Emporer!" Today, gentlemen..I'm going to the gates of hell! Will you follow me??!!!


Kinda Epic. I like background stories and this one is typical of dawn of war. not to say its bad.

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Let me clarify. Not meaning to say that its bad its actually good.

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ramagon Author

no problem... thanks for the comment though. :]

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