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some more updates and the current progress of both the mods even though the singleplayer mod hasnt been touched.

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:: Grenades given at startup aswell as pistol (100%)
:: Weapon use system (100%)
:: Hopwire (100%) - random teleport when sucked through
:: Grapple hook (100%)
:: Lower weapon on sprint (100%)
:: Grenade, Vortex grenade and claymore counter (70%) - add hopwire and claymore
:: Barriers (70%) - need fixing dodgy, create prefab ??
:: Maps (80%)
:: Zombies (90%) - i have had a go at making them follow you all the time and i am nearly there
:: Rounds (60%) - added counter and map entity
:: Knifing (0%) - (NEED MODELLER)
:: Pack a punch (0%) - (NEED MODELLER)
:: Mystery box (0%) - (NEED MODELLER)
:: Sodas (0%) - (NEED MODELLER) - cant use PHD flopper
:: Teleporters (0%) - (NEED MODELLER)
:: Ironsights (0%) - gonna start this soon
:: Turrets (0%) - maybe add it in beta
:: Death Machine (0%) - (NEED MODELLER) - maybe add it in beta


:: SRCDS (90%) - i have successfully made a dedicated server for the mod and convars are being created so the server can be unique to others.
:: Zombie/Sandbox swap (70%) - the swap between the two gamemodes is done by a convar 'sandbox' but after some thought i introduced a new convar that determines the build status of sandbox mode so some servers can be build and some deathmatch.
:: Bots (70%) - have been added and the number of bots has been hardcoded to 10.
:: Physgun (100%) - fully working need to take weld of and apply to pistol weapon, added freeze but not rotate yet, some server issues with animations that i need to fix.

Well thats the stats for them both the multiplayer is a list of whats done, but the singleplayer is a list of whats done and a list of future additions were some of them will be applied to multiplayer, the singleplayer mod hasnt been touched since the multiplayer mod has been introducted but after some more work on multiplayer the physgun will be removed and ironsightes will be added to singleplayer.

The multiplayer stands as i want it be and these are the qualities of the mod so far that i have implemented:

Zombie Gamemode
:: when you die you join spectator
:: when everyone is dead the you join a intermission were you can view scores and chat then you will join new lobby.
:: you cannot spectate without dying
:: you can kill yourself
:: you cannot kill each other
:: you can see each others health and they are seen as freinds
:: no timelimit
:: no player collision (can be switched of by server admin)
:: the convar 'zs_nextlevel' specifies the next map over the map cycle
:: max 4 players/max 10 bots when sv_cheats is on
:: start with pistol/grenade/crowbar
:: start in lobby room on a seperate map and once everyone has typed ready in chat the map changes to map cycle below so when making a server the map cycle should be layed out like this :

lobby room map
zombie map
lobby room map
zombie map

Sandbox Gamemode
:: everyone is a enemy
:: you can join and exit spectator
:: you can kill yourself
:: server admin can set length of game/timelimit & intermission time & other server convars
:: the convar 'zs_nextlevel' over takes the nextmap over the mapcycle
:: max 32 players/max 10 bots
:: start with all guns but not build weapons
:: if convar 'zs_sandbox_build' is set players are all freinds and cannot kill each other for a build server and the build menu is activated with tools but you can kill yourself.

Here is a set of convars that can be used to make your server unique:
sandbox - specify whether or not its a sandbox server

zs_chattime - time after end of game untill next game
zs_timelimit - timelimit of game/length of game in mins
zs_restartgame - restart the game in a number of mins/seconds
zs_nextlevel - specify the nextlevel to change to (overrides mapcycle)
zs_ready - should be set using a point_******command in a lobby map
zs_ready_signal - the word that sets the players ready status
zs_collision - set the zombie gamemode player collision status
zs_forcerespawn - force people to repawn after being killed
zs_footsteps - allow footstep sounds ingame
zs_flashlight - allow flashlight ingame
zs_sandbox_build - the sandbox server is a build server

This will grow and will be kept on the news page until the alpha comes out and a SRCDS tutorial will be created.



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