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Strings, shadows, and balance is the basic idea with this minor update.

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CHANGELOG 10/2/11:

Zerg 1.scx;
-The East-East-South Mutalisk spawn now patrols to the Cerebrate, rather than moving directly to there.

Protoss 4.scx;
-The introductory sequence has been reinstated, now that a certain bug has been fixed.

General (mod);
-Numerous strings that incorrectly displayed upgrade/unit costs have been fixed, largely thanks to Apple over at ModDB. Thanks, Apple!

Health decreased from 550 to 525.
Cost decreased from 450/600/80/9 to 350/500/70/8 (legend: Minerals/Gas/time/food)
Attack damage increased by 1.

-Marine, Demolisher, Duster, Vulture, Siege Tank, and Mastodon shadows are now correctly synced. No more ugly-looking overlays!
-Scimitar unit response now plays correctly upon unit's completion.

Remember; much, MUCH more is to come!


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