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This should set up some Clarifications as to where this is going. Please, remember that some of this thing posted here may change sooner or later.

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Will it be for Soulstorm?
+Yes. Our intentions were for Dark Crusade, but since Soulstorm has new models and more stuff (not to mention somewhat unbalanced new races and a bastardized gameplay).

Will other races be involved in this mod?
+Currently, no. Our mission is to take out the batch of factions we are working on and finishing them. Other factions like the Catachans and others may be done late if the team decides to.

Since it's for Soulstorm, what about the "flying" units?
+Just to clarify this, we will make Flying units. Yes, but unlike Relic's idea of "flying", we will make it the way it was meant to be. This means strafing runs and the sort.

Will other races be left untouched?
+No. Our purpose is to add and improve already factions. This means New Orky ZtuFF for the Orks, MOAR weapons for the Tau, and so on.

Will you (the team) make up your own units?
+Most likely. If there is need for a one, yes. Other units will be done because they are updated at the Forge-world site or at GW's.

Will there be a new Campaign?
+Oh yes. Nuff said...

How can I help?
+Unless you can find us new coders (pro) or texturers, the just sit back and support us.

This is something that should set up guidelines as to what to expect. Please, keep in mind that we may change this accordingly. I will try to update this about at the 21st of the every month.

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