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Update on Evolution I, Im still alive, and other goody stuff, why are you even reading this part, read the real stuff!

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Hello everyone it is me. Aparently you guys havent see many updates on this mod, well thats because I'v lost my creative touch on making missions. Im currently stumpted. However, I plan to actualy release the first 5 missions of the campagin as it is in the form of a Beta. I need a public opinion on what to fix, update, edit, add and what not to the mod, However. Dont bug me about my english! I need outside help as spell check fails at living.


This mod currently isnt have a bright future at this moment. However, unless I get outside help there might not be a evolution II by late 2011. Cause clearly Im running out of mission ideas for Evolution I and require outside suggestions. What I will do is post a little small spoiler in awile (it wont spoil much! lol).


Anyways, thank you everyone for actualy "watching" my mod, makes me feel needed in this modding community even though I am imfamous hehe.

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