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In this article, I talk about the first release of the mod, and what is in store for the future!

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Valve Time much?

So, that release date of December didn’t go very well… Neither did January, or February. But, I made it in time for the end of March, and that’s all that matters. For real though I do apologize for the many missed deadlines, and the potential increase of beta depression because of it. I had to fix, and update a good chunk of the code, and the maps based on some play testing sessions. Also, with a full time job, and helping out other projects, and generally trying to live without 24/7; you sometimes just end up taking way longer than you should on projects. Hopefully with most of the time consuming work out of the way, the next updates won’t take till the heat death of the universe.

About that release.

I made a trailer video based on the old PC Soluces video:

The first release contains the Office Complex chapter based on the E31998 footage, and other media from around that time. Now, I know a few of you might be underwhelmed by only have one chapter to play, but don’t you worry. I have on the main page now, a progress bar showing the current status of the mod, and in what order each release will be made. I do want to point out that things could change around, but it should remain fairly concrete. The spaces also represent the gap that has to be crossed for each release to be made. Some chapters will take more time than others, and I think the spaces between each chapter is pretty accurate.

So you can find a download of the mod here:

Conclusion and links.

It seems we reached this point again, and it looks like I need to wrap things up for now. I’d like to thank everyone for the support on this mod, Shaft, and all my other work. I also want to thank everyone on the team, and friends who helped keep this project going. I can’t do everything, and some people can point out changes from retail better than myself; which keeps things looking accurate. I hope to see you all for the next release. Until then, follow the mod for more media updates, and thanks for reading!

Freeze Team Discord

Shaft Website

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