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If we need to give the names to the updates, we would call the update “Experience”. Why? Because the main features are made to make you feel the new experience when developing your club.

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“Some people believe football is a matter of life and death, I am very disappointed with that attitude. I can assure you it is much, much more important than that.” - Bill Shankly

If we need to give the names to the updates, we would call the update “Experience”. Why? Because the main features are made to make you feel the new experience when developing your club. Below is a short description of the main features, and the list of all improvements added to the update.


In Football Tactics, we want to convey a feeling of the club’s growth: from an amateur team to the world class champion. You will feel it, when at the start of the game you will have a dirty stadium with just one bench and few onlookers, but after 20-40 hours you’ll play on the overcrowded stadium with 80 000 fans.


Youth Academy

Before the update, you could get the new footballers only on the transfer market. Now you can take the best footballers from the Youth Academy. The more you invest in it, the bigger chance to find a very talented young footballer. But even very talented footballer at the start of his career can’t play better than your veterans. You will have to risk by giving him the chance to play in the main squad. And when after 3-6 years the footballer becomes your superstar, you will feel the feeling of closeness to him because you believed in him, grew him, knew him since he was “baby”.


We want the players to think about tactics before the matches: what formation to choose, what footballers should play etc. One of the factors that affect the decision is a weather. In Football Tactics, there are 4 kinds of the weather: normal, heavy rain, snowfall, and heat. Every kind of the weather affects the match differently. There are the examples of the heavy rain and snowfall:



Every country has it’s own weather settings. For example, in Spain you will never see snowfall.

Other improvements

Moreover, the update has many other improvements. The few of them:

  • Hot Seat
  • Simulation and Watching modes
  • Possibility to rename footballers
  • Additional rewards for the beating the stronger opponents
  • Footballers’ statistics
  • Many balance improvements. One of the most prominent - we removed the possibility to score goals by using the ordinary corner kicks.

The complete list of the features, improvements and fixed bug you can find below the screenshots.

Football Tactics Update #3 Football Tactics Update #3

Football Tactics Update #3 Football Tactics Update #3

Complete list of the improvements


  1. Saves in Steam Cloud
  2. Watching mode and Simulation (works only in the tournaments, where you took the first, second or third place at least once)
  3. Youth Academy. You will get young footballer once in half year. The higher the level of the Academy, the higher the average level of the young footballers
  4. Every team has its own stadium. You will see how your stadium becomes bigger when you upgrade it. Fans visit your matches depending on the interest of the match and the number of your fans.
  5. Support of the widescreen monitors
  6. Hot Seat mode
  7. Ukrainian localization


  • Added option to switch off the indicators in a match. Now you can play or make a video without numbers above the footballers’ heads.
  • Improved Lofted Pass. Now the farther you kick the ball, the less precise the Lofted Pass will be
  • Improved balance of Precision Shot and Power Shot. Now the precision is more noticeably depends on the distance of the kick. Additionally Precision Shot in a gap between the defenders is more valuable.
  • Disabled direct corner kicks
  • Decreased the amount of the energy the footballers spend on the attacking actions
  • Now you will be able to see the opponent’s substitutes. Opponents will make substitutes if their footballers were injured


  • Individual stats for footballers
  • Possibility to rename footballers
  • New system of the money and Fame income
    • now you get additional money for achieving top places in the leagues and progress in the cup tournaments
    • now you get additional Fame for winning the stronger opponents, achieving top places in the leagues and progress in the cup tournaments
  • New mechanics of learning skills and talents - now every footballer has an individual propensity to the two specific skills/talents. Moreover, these skills are the most effective for the footballer’s position. As a result, you won’t learn goalkeepers’ talents by forwards.
  • Improved Injuries system
    • when a footballer is injured, his stamina is very low. After he recovered, his stamina eventually grows up
    • injured footballer can’t learn skills
    • now you’ll see on the Management screen how long the injured footballer will be recovering
    • now you will not receive the messages about the time of recovery
    • added the message reminder that informs when your footballer is recovered
    • injured footballers won’t get the experience when your Manager’s Assistant is upgraded
    • between seasons, injuries weren't healing. Fixed


  • Now the cost of your footballers depend on how often they play. You won't get the full cost for the footballers, which sit on a bench
  • At the start of a new game, you will have only three substitute footballers. However, you will be able to get new footballers from the Youth Academy Moreover, the prices on the transfer market for Amateur league are more accessible. So you can buy the footballers which fit your tactics
  • Different sponsors will not give the same conditions
  • You can’t buy young footballers of high level on the transfers
  • If Major Assistant is upgraded, the substituted footballers also get additional experience
  • Improved balance of calculating a MoM. Now GK also can be a MoM


  • Club’s power - now you can evaluate the opponent’s power by one sight. A 5-star system shows how strong the team is.
  • Added Age and Level columns on the Management screen
  • Trophies tab is placed 5th
  • Changed visualisation of the results after second cup match. Now the first team in the results is the team which played home in the first cup match
  • Now you can sell footballers directly from the main squad and Statistics screen. You can’t sell the footballers with lasting contracts
  • Removed the messages about the contracts which will last in 6 months
  • Added hints to the different places of the game. Press the interface elements to get more information about them
  • Added confirmation messages to the critical actions (starting a new campaign, selling a footballer)


  • New league - Slovenia. Thanks to @Trig_the_Poor_Shot - he helped to add the new league with Slovenian cities, weather and footballers’ names. Additionally now footballers with Balkans names can appear in other European leagues.
  • Added new cities’ names for France. Thanks to @eyolfur


  • After free kick sometimes defenders took the ball with hands (like goalkeeper). Fixed
  • Sometimes the cost of Upgrades was invisible. Fixed.
  • Very rare bug - crash at the start of second half. Fixed
  • If a player makes substitutions at the time of AI's turn on a corner or free kick, there was a crash. Fixed
  • If a player purchases a footballer from the comparison screen, there was a crush. Fixed
  • Sometimes in the cup, player could play against himself (or AI against itself). Fixed
  • After free kick footballers might stay in one cell. Fixed
  • Fixed some bugs with penalties
  • Fixed Achievement "Unemployed". Players can't achieve it when missing goal
  • Sometimes in Prestige cup appeared teams from First league. Fixed
  • Fixed cities' names in the most of the countries. (Thanks to @DanielHall15, @fredingue, @Trig, @dogmaticus, @Romanic, @nexxusdrako, @eyolfur)
  • When your defender pushed out an opponent at the time of corner, he could score auto-goal. Fixed
  • Now AI won’t be giving the ball to their goalkeeper.
  • Fixed the wrong result of the two cup matches in some rare cases
  • Fixed different crashes and freezes in some rare cases
  • On the Compare screen, the price wasn’t shown. Fixed
  • Fixed the bug with contracts (and calendar in general), which appeared when the first winter match was in a cup tournament
  • When on the last minute there was a foul and the match was over, the footballers continued playing even after stats screen was shown. Fixed
  • Fixed English texts in the achievements (Thanks to @sakokassabian)

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