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New month new content. In this update we’re releasing 15 screenshots and illustrations as well as a description of two new characters and night gameplay.

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It's a new month and with that new content! In this update we're releasing 15 screenshots and illustrations as well as a description of two new characters and night game play.

But again before we get on to the release, I'd like to mention again we are still looking for some talented skill. We have a high need for a couple more skilled coders, apart from that we need character artist, environmental artist and vfx artist.

On to the release!!
-Time Mistress-
First and foremost as heavily seen in the release we are unveiling the pregnant and loveable Time Mistress (Archetype: Mage support). She is one of the last of the hidden elves that exist outside of time. She has no memory of her birth or how long she's been pregnant due to amnesia. There is a constant pounding of drums in her head like a calling, she doesn't know what it wants but it has driven her for many years. Her combat style is that of a healer and melee damager, healing large swaths of damage before smacking the enemy in the face with her staff.

Primary Skill: Hold up, STOP! -
Stops all players in the vicinity for 4 seconds including allies.

Update 02

-The Inventor-
The next unveiled class is The Inventor (Ranged Damage). A dwarf with a sad past the Inventor has had a tragic life. First being outcast by his clan and then losing his wife only to shortly after lose his son. Before his son was able to disappear forever the Inventor put part of his soul in a mechanized orb hoping to one day bring him back at whatever the cost. His combat style is ranged damage and turret builder.

Primary Skill: Let's get to it.
The dwarf pulls down his goggles and gets ready to invent. Immediately refreshing
all skills.

Update 02

As our final treat as you may have seen in the screenshots the characters are quite glowy at night. This is because the game will have day and night cycles with the night cycles being incredibly dark in the middle regions you will have to track your allies and foes simply by the glow on their bodies and from the environment around you. I'm pretty positive everyone on this planet is highly irradiated, no one should glow like that!

Update 02

We have also released some wonderful screenshot from our artist Patrick Doran with a blocked in environment that you can find in the images sections, here is a preview.

Update 02

That's all for today so please feel free to leave comments you want and let us know what you think of the update. If you're interested again we urge you to reply, we had a lot of great talent apply last time and we hope a lot more great talent will apply this time. You can expect some in game footage next month but until then if we get enough watchers and comments we'll release another update later this month with the unveiling of the first alien character, and he's vicious! Until then, thanks for checking us out.

Chris Taylor - Project Lead

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