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An overview of the new features in the latest version of Luminesca.

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Luminesca has just been updated to version 0.1.4, which you can download from Desura right away!

It's a little later than I had hoped, but it's a much bigger update than 0.1.3 with some significant changes.

  • Characters & Story
    The 'story stuff' I mentioned in my earlier post is now in. As you explore the world of Luminesca you'll find people going about their business. You can see what they have to say simply by approaching them.
  • Acrobatics
    You can now jump above the water surface. This was a feature from the old prototype which was quite popular with early testers. I left it out of the recent builds because it's not integral to the gameplay of Chapter 1 and took a little bit of time to get working again, but it's pretty fun so now it's back! Have a blast leaping out of the water!
  • Pipes & Water Jets
    There were one or two areas in 0.1.3 where water currents would push you around. I decided to make this feature more widespread, so now various pipe outlets have currents that propel you at high speeds if you swim through them. There's also a 'soft puzzle' involving one towards the end. See if you can spot any jet-propelled crabs too...
  • Planktid A.I.
    The improvements I mentioned earlier are now in place. Planktids are now a little bit smarter when it comes to navigating around corners, and they can follow you over greater distances with less trouble. There are still some small issues which I'll work on in the coming weeks, but generally it's much less stressful! Note: most planktid problems can now be resolved by shining your light on them again. This resets their pathfinding and they'll come straight to you.
  • Linux
    I've got a Linux build ready and waiting. I'm going to run a few more tests and devote a blog post just to this though, so please be patient! It really is very close this time!

I hope you like the new additions! I'm pretty excited about moving on to Chapter 2. Let me know what you think in the comments or tweet @Luminesca!


Hooray! Really looking forward to the Linux build!

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ahhhhhh!!! loved the lightning mechanics!!! and the "limbo" art style :D

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