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Update 01.090 has been released. Jump drive has been added to the game.

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Jump drive has been added to the game. It is a new traveling mechanism that allows players to travel big distances in a short period of time. Only large ships can have a jump drive. The jump drive is a block that needs to be attached to the ship and must be charged with energy up to 100% so the jump can be made. There are two different types of jumps – blind and GPS guided. The blind jump will lead you to the direction that the cockpit is heading and the traveled distance can be set in the control panel (the distance is depended to the mass of the ship and the amount of the powered jump drive blocks that are on the ship). The targeted jump will get you to a specified GPS coordinate. After the jump is done, the energy needed is depleted. To increase jump distances or mass transport capacity, you will have to build more jump drives. Any of the jump drives can be then used as the master drive that will use the other available drives if needed.

Full list of new features and fixes:


neet, a little big, but neet

does it open up a warp portal when you hit the big red button?

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