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First update ! Featuring AK47 update, first pics of M249 and todo list !

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Well, some of you maybe know something or even following this mod for CS:S. If not - It isnt going to be mod at all, it will be more something like SKinpack with custom maps, GUI and of course skins for both weapons and player models. Anyway, here is the update !


Only MG in game with good firepower, but lacks some good accuracy. Post-Apocalyptic version is going to have custom wooden stock ( inspired by PKM ), watches nailed to gun to let shooter know how long can he shoot before gun overheats or simpy show time - and off course covered in dirt, mud and blood.

Post-Apocalyptic M249

Post-Apocalyptic M249
( Click on the image for bigger resolution )


Gun used widely by most of CS:S players with good firepower and accuracy. And Post-Apoc ? Samopal Vzor 58 assault rifle, with cloth wrapped around it, covered with tape, rust, dirt, mud and blood. Its scratched like gun should be after 100 years of service. Equiped with old rusty bayonet that will find its use in fight with mutated animals and ex-people.

Post-Apoc AK47 Update

Post-Apoc AK47 Update

( Click on the image for bigger resolution )


Complete gun models and textures, find more modders to help. ( read - all Mapers, scripters, compilers, texturers, modellers - Send me a message ! We truly need you !


  • AK-47 ( development in 25% )
  • AWP ( Done )
  • SG552
  • AUG
  • M4 ( Done )
  • M249 ( Development in 5%)
  • UMP .45
  • MP5
  • TMP ( Development starting )
  • MAC-10
  • P90
  • M3 Super ( Development starting )
  • XM1014
  • FN 5-7
  • USP
  • Desert Eagle
  • Dual Elites
  • P226
  • Scout
  • G3/SG1
  • SG550
  • Grenades
  • Knife


  • De_map 1
  • De_map 2
  • De_map 3
  • De_map 4
  • Cs_map 1
  • Cs_map 2
  • Cs_map 3
  • Fy_map
  • AWP_map

Torabi - - 376 comments

Quite an interesting project that you have there. Even though I do not play counter-strike I am still curious to see what this will become.
Are you planning on reskinning/modeling the characters too?

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MartyForEels Author
MartyForEels - - 175 comments


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medve - - 1,475 comments

get a post to fpsbanana too, there are a lot of freelancers out there who will help with the animations and textures.
it would be more awsome to see a whole mod with new gameplay and maps for css in this style, instead of just making a simple skinpack.

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MartyForEels Author
MartyForEels - - 175 comments

Well, i would just love new gameplay. But right now, team has basically 2 or 3 people. Me, Kevinov27 and Pecks ( Well, Pecks doesnt even know about this mod. He is just compiling for me :) ).

New maps ( and VGUI, Sounds and off course both weapons and player skins ) are planned. So who do we need ?

Mapper / Good experiences, ability to make good-looking maps.
Sound Artist / Isnt needed "That much". Sounds are actually the last thing on the list.

It would be simply AWESOME to make new gameplay. But it would require scripter ( i think ) - Incredibly experienced scripter. So until someone would want to help... Do not expect any Gameplay changes.

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RockRebel - - 965 comments

Are there any... ehhr how am I going to say this... cdg/FPSBanana famous people working for this "mod"?

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Kosai106 - - 180 comments

No, there isn't.

Some of the textures/models are taken from 'famous CDG members' tho.

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MartyForEels Author
MartyForEels - - 175 comments

Sure. But they will be all credited, or even better asked for permission.

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Savci - - 385 comments

I'm not a "rust expert", but the "new AK" looks more like if it'd have a simple rusty texture over it. I don't feel the rustiness :D

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