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Letting you all know that the mod is being worked on. We've got a big update in the works; so big, that it may need 2 separate versions. Tons of balancing changes and additions, be sure to check it out.

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=====The Upcoming Version 1.8=====
Version 1.8 will be coming out on February 19th, 2023. We're anticipating releasing 2 separate versions, the Classic and Expanded versions. The Expanded will contain a lot of new gameplay concepts and the additional graphics of course. The classic version will be closer to the usual 5thLegacy experience, but with the new balancing changes and civs, and maybe a couple new units.

Added new Main Menu background
Changed the "Tool Age" to the "Copper Age"
Added new Wonder variants for Scenario Editor
Added Goats; available at the Market (can be found on certain maps)
Added Pottery tech; available at the Granary
Added Stoner and Pyroman units; available at the Barracks
Roads and Plazas now make units move 15% faster
Added new graphics for Copper Age Archery Range and Granary
Added new graphics for Stone Age Barracks, Dock, Granary, and Storage Pit
Added new graphics for Stone Age Villagers
Added Punic, Minoan, and Nomadic building sets
Farms can now be placed similar to Walls (in lines)
Added Chickens, a new huntable found near Town Centers
Added Rabbits, a new huntable that wanders

==Civ Changes==
Egyptian: removed Marksman and Cavalry Chain Mail; lowered Chariot Hp bonus to 20% from 25%
Greek: added +15% speed for Hunters; removed Naval Pierce Armor bonus
Greek: lowered Heavy Infantry speed bonus to +20% from +25%
Assyrian: lowered Villager speed bonus to +10% from +15%
Minoan: added Chariots and Hipposandal; removed Camel Rider and Nobility
Hittite: reduced Catapult Hp bonus to +33% from 50%
Hittite: removed Armored Elephants; added Centurions
Phoenician: removed Irrigation
Sumerian: removed Scythe Chariot; added Heavy Camel Rider
Sumerian: Villagers now gain +5 Hp per Age, instead of +15 from Stone Age and +30 from Iron Age
Sasanids: removed Engineering, Afterlife, Monotheism, Fanaticism; changed Juggernaughts to not require Engineering
Overhauled Shang
Shang: added Long Sword, Legion, Marksman, Aristocracy, Ballistics, Alchemy, Hipposandal, and Coinage
Shang: removed Heavy Horse Archer, Heavy Cavalry, Cataphract, Camel Rider, Helepolis, Jihad, Archery/Cavalry Chain Mail, Tower Shield, Craftsmanship, and Irrigation
Shang: "Archers" attack 25% faster (still has Villager, Tower, and Wall bonuses)
Yamato: lowered Villager speed bonus to +10% from +15%
Choson: lowered Priest cost bonus to -20% from -25%; lowered Legion Hp bonus to +33% from 50%
Choson: added Composite Bow and Iron Shield
Roman: added Composite Bow; removed Heavy Catapult and Juggernaught
Carthaginian: added Hipposandal
Macedonian: added Tower Shield
Israelite: Priests now have 10 range instead of 9 and have 25% conversion chance, same as other Priests
Israelite: removed Logistics bonus and Villager movement speed bonus
Thracian: added Tower Shield
Atlantean: removed Boat/Ship training bonus
Trojan: added stages to Cavalry Hp bonus (Iron Age and Heavy Cavalry)
Parthian: added Heavy Camel Rider, Long Swordsman, and Siegecraft
Aksumite: added Aristocracy; removed Tower Shield
Gallic: added Guard Tower, Aristocracy, Tower Shield, and Irrigation
Indus Valley: increased Elephant cost bonus to 225% from 200% Wood cost
Overhauled Han
Han: removed bonuses for Mercenaries, "Chariots", and build time bonus for Storage Pits
Han: added Craftsmanship, Siegecraft, and Hipposandal; "Ballistae" attack 20% faster bonus
Han: removed Marksman, Scythe Chariot, Catapult, Polytheism, and Coinage
Han: lowered "HeavyInfantry" attack rate bonus to 20% from 25% and Storage Pit work rate bonus to 50% from 66%
Philistine: added Craftsmanship, Architecture, and Engineering; removed Composite Bow
Philistine: removed cost and Hp changes for Houses
Baekje: added Irrigation; removed Fortified Walls
Zhou: added Catapult, Aristocracy, and Fortified Walls
Zhou: removed Metallurgy, Architecture, Longsword, Helepolis, and Heavy Transport
Iberian: added Chariot
Nok: removed Architecture and Fortified Walls; lowered Armored Elephant cost to 1080f/1380g from 1250f/1400g
Overhauled Xiongnu (removed old civ bonuses)
Xiongnu: "Cavalry" have +1 Attack and +1 Melee armor in both the Bronze and Iron Ages (total of +2)
Xiongnu: Chariot Archers and "HorseArchers" have +1 Range and gain +1 Range in the Iron Age (total of +2)
Xiongnu: Villagers have +20% Movement speed; Stables provide +4 population
Xiongnu: Houses require -10 Wood (30w), -5 Time (15s), but only provide 3 Population
Xiongnu: added Legion, Chariot Archer, Catapult, Heavy Catapult, Siegecraft, Coinage, Irrigation, Ballistics, Architecture, and Medicine
Xiongnu: removed Elite Infantry, Scythe Chariot, Infantry Chain Mail, Mathematics, Fishing Ship, Heavy Transport, and Fire Galley
Bactrian: added Cataphract; removed Helepolis and Hipposandal
Elamite: removed Alchemy
Cyrenean: removed Engineering
Dravidian: removed Scythe Chariot bonus
Celtic: added Siegecraft
Scythian: removed Fortified Walls and Heavy Catapult; added Siegecraft
Scythian: increased Tower costs to 200 wood and 250 wood
Urartian: added Fanaticism, Metallurgy, and Logistics; Priests also gain +1 PA in the Iron Age (total of +2)
Van Lang: removed Scythe Chariots and Hipposandal
Illyrian: added Infantry Chain Mail; Swordsmen gain +1 attack with Legion, instead of +2 in the Iron Age
Pontic: removed War Elephant; added Aristocracy (Centurions require it now)
Numidian: removed Miner speed bonus; added Logistics
Dilmunite: added Engineering and Craftsmanship; removed Pierce armor bonus for Cavalry/Camels
Mauryan: removed Cataphract; Farms now cost +5 wood per Age (max 90 wood)
Jomon: removed Hipposandal and Helepolis; Villagers cost +5 Wood (40)
Achaemenid: "Chariots" now gain +2 Melee Armor, instead of +1; added Craftsmanship

==Tech Changes==
Tech Tree Previews has to be enabled now, instead of disabled
Increased the Food cost of the Iron Age to 1200 from 1000
Increased the Wood cost of the Bronze Age to 300 from 200
Caravan: Trade Workshops generate a small amount of Gold instead of working faster
Battle Axe: increased research time to 45 from 40
Aristocracy: lowered effect to +15% from 25%
Lowered the Food cost of Farming upgrades to 180/210/240 from 200/225/250 respectively
Lowered effect of Mining techs, Siegecraft, and Mathematics to +25% from +30% and +40%
Lowered the effect of the Wheel to +20% from +30% (Villagers move faster by default)
Moved Established Routes and Silk Road to Trade Workshops
==Storage Pit techs==
Removed Pierce Armor from Chain Mail Armor upgrades
Lowered the Food cost of armor and attack upgrades by 20-60 food
Lowered time of Leather Armors to 45 from 60
Lowered time of Scale Armors to 75 from 90
Lowered time of Chain Mails to 90 from 120
Lowered time of Melee Attack upgrades to 45/75/90 from 60/90/120, respectively
Lowered time of Shield upgrades to 75/90/90 from 90/120/150, respectively
Changed the cost of Shield upgrades to 150/160, 210/200, 270/240 from 200/180, 280/240, 360/300
==Archery Techs==
Lowered research time of Composite Bow to 75 from 90
==Temple Techs==
Mysticism: lowered effect to +20 Hp from +25 Hp; lowered time to 45 from 50
Polytheism: lowered effect to +25% from +30%
Afterlife: lowered effect to +2 from +3; lowered cost to 240 from 275
Fanaticism: lowered effect to +33% from +50%; lowered cost to 125 from 150; increased time to 75 from 60
Medicine: lowered effect to x1.5 from x2

==Unit Changes==
Infantry units no longer take bonus damage from Cavalry units
Clubman: increased train time to 24 from 20 seconds
Axeman: lowered train time to 24 from 25 seconds
Slinger: gain +1 Melee armor from Archery armor upgrades
Lowered movement speed of Short and Broad Swordsmen by about 8% (original value now)
"Swordsmen": lowered train time to 24 from 25/30
Broad Swordsman: lowered Hp to 70 from 80; increased attack to 9 from 8
Legion: increased attack to 13 from 12
"Pharaoh Guards": increased Food cost to 55 from 45; Changed train time to 26 seconds from 25/30
Pharaoh Guard: lowered speed by about 4% and Melee armor by 1; Added +4 attack bonus vs Swordsmen units
Pharaoh Elite: lowered speed by about 7%; Added +5 attack bonus vs Swordsmen units; Increased attack by 1
"HeavyInfantry": increased base movement speed by about 8% (same speed as before with Aristocracy)
"HeavyInfantry": decreased Aristocracy speed to about +15% from +25%; Greek bonus to +20% from +25%
"Heavy Infantry": removed base Pierce armor; increased benefit from Toolworking to +3 and lowered Metallurgy to +4
Centurion: increased Melee Armor by +1
Bowman: lowered Hp to 35 from 40
Lowered Improved Bowman bonus vs "HeavyInfantry" to +1 from +2
Improved Bowman: increased frame delay to 8 from 5
Composite Bowman: increased Melee armor to 1 from 0
Marksmen: lowered fire rate by 15%; increased Attack by 1
Marksman: increased Hp to 65 from 60
Chariot Archers: changed costs to 70 Wood and 60 Gold from 65 Food and 70 Wood
Chariot Archers: lowered damage bonus vs Priests to +4 from +7; lowered movement speed by about -5%
Chariot Archers: increased Attack to 6 from 4 and Hp to 75 from 70; lowered attack rate by about 10%
"Horse Archers": changed cost to 90f/60g from 75f/70g; removed Pierce Armor bonus from Chain Mail
Horse Archer: increased Attack to 8 from 7; lowered Hp to 75 from 80
Heavy Horse Archer: increased Attack to 10 from 9; lowered Hp to 100 from 110
Elephant Archer: increased train time to 60 seconds from 50 and +1 Range
Scouts can now gather Gazelles/Deer for Gold after they've been hunted by Villagers
Scout: increased attack to 5 from 3, and Food cost to 100 from 80; removed Armor bonus from Bronze Age
Scout: increased Train Time to 40 from 30
"MeleeChariots": changed costs to 70 Wood and 60 Gold from 65 Food and 60 Wood
Chariots: lowered attack bonus vs Priests to +4 from +7, +30 Hp, and added a small Area Attack
Chariots: lowered movement speed by about -5%, Melee armor by 1, and attack by 1
Scythe Chariots: increased attack to 16 from 10 and Hp to 200 from 132; removed attack bonus vs Priests
Scythe Chariots: increased Pierce armor by +1 and lowered Area Attack slightly; lowered movement speed by about -8%
"Cavalry": increased Gold cost to 65 from 60; removed bonus vs "Infantry" and "Swordsmen"
Cavalry: lowered Melee Armor back to 0 from 1 and Hp to 140 from 150; increased Attack by +1
Heavy Cavalry: increased attack to 13 from 12 and Pierce armor to 2 from 1
Cataphracts: increased attack to 17 from 16 and Pierce armor to 3 from 2
"WarElephants": increased train time to 60 seconds from 50; lowered Melee armor by 1
"Camel Riders": increased Food cost to 100 from 75
"Camel Riders": adjusted "Cavalry" to +4 vs "Cavalry", +2 vs Heavy Cavalry, and +4 vs Cataphract (doesn't stack with Heavy Cavalry)
Camel Rider: +1 Attack
Heavy Camel Rider: +20 Hp, +2 Attack, +1 Melee Armor
==Siege Units==
"Siege Weapons": now move at normal speeds and no longer have base armors
Increased Stone projectile speed by +11%
"Catapults": increased Wood cost back to 180 from 150; lowered LOS by -1
"Catapults": increased attack rate by about 2.3%
Stone Thrower: increased splash area by 20%
Catapult: decreased splash area by about 17% and Range to 11 from 12; lowered LOS by an extra -1 (-2)
Heavy Catapult: lowered Range to 12 from 13; lowered LOS by an extra -1 (-2)
Increased Bolt projectile speed by +20%
"Ballistae": lowered effect of Alchemy to +2 from +5
Ballista: lowered LOS by -1 and Attack by -10
Helepolis: lowered Hp to 65 from 75 and Attack to 40 from 50; increased Range to 10 from 9
==Other Units==
"Villagers": gain +5 Hp in Copper Age and +10 Hp in Bronze Age (total of +15)
"Villagers": increased base movement speed by 18%; lowered effect of the Wheel to 20% from 33%
Priests: changed convert time back to 3 from 1.5; changed convert chance to 25% from 13%
Warships now cost 120 Wood instead of 125; Privateers/Fire Galleys cost 90w/40g instead of 100w and 45g
Siege Ships now do +5 attack vs Warships
"SiegeShips": increased attack rate by about 2.3%
Explorers are now free in the Stone, Copper, and Bronze Ages with a limit (+1 from Bronze Age and +1 from Night Watch; maximum of 3 until Iron Age)
Explorers: lowered Hp to 25 from 30
Slaves: increased Bronze Age Hp to 40 from 30 and Attack to 6 from 5

==Other Changes==
Adjusted the attack rate of Lions so that Hunters will be more responsive
Made some small graphical adjustments to Greek Fortified Walls
Lowered the number of Elephants on Islands map to 1 from 2
Lowered Elephant hunting by about 15%, similar rate as Berry Bushes now
Roads and Plazas cost 2 Wood instead of 1 Stone
Lowered Ballista Tower attack to 20 from 24
Changed Town Center population to 5 from 4
Increased House cost to 40 wood instead of 30
Increased House Hp to 80 from 75, and to 100 from 75 in the Copper Age
Increased Barracks build time to 40 from 30 seconds
Lowered Hp of Small Walls to 150 from 200
Lowered Build time of Walls to 10/14/18 from 12/16/20
Increased the amount of stone in Stone Mines to 300 from 250
Increased the amount of wood that Forest Trees contain to 80 from 45
Trading now takes 6 seconds instead of 30
Lowered buy price of Food to 100 from 125
Lowered sell price of Food to 20 from 25
Lowered buy price of Wood to 120 from 150
Lowered sell price of Wood to 20 from 25
Lowered buy price of Stone to 140 from 150
Added bulk Wood/Food selling (10x quantity)
Ruins now produce a small amount of Gold
Docks are now unplaceable directly on Shallows

Fixed an issue where cheat units would cause the game to crash when changed into new units
Updated Roman Building icons
Fixed an issue with an Oak tree that was causing its selection area to be very large
Fixed an issue that was allowing Elam to gain extra resources when starting in later Ages
Fixed an issue that was causing Elamite military buildings to provide 2 extra population
Flying Birds are longer huntable on random maps; alternate versions are available in scenario editor
Fixed a limit issue with Trade Workshops in the scenario editor
Birds no longer spawn Lion Kings when killed
Corrected Atlantean bonus information; bonus is +20% faster, not +25%
Fixed an issue that was preventing Artifacts from being placed on certain terrains
Thracian AI will now train Scythe Chariots
Fixed an invisible tree issue
Some improvements to the Mediterranean map type
Fixed Blind Lame Priests so they die properly now
Fixed placement issues with Terrain Cracks
Fixed a slight discoloration on the Move arrow graphics
Fixed an issue that was preventing Roads from connecting with Imperial Roads when upgraded

Some of these changes may be different from the final release.

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