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Version 1.5, worked under the name 'Rebirth of Rhovanion', will be a massive overhaul and repurposing of the Dorwinion faction, among balancing and renaming a number of other factions.

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Planned features for Rhovanion/Dorwinion:

  • Rename the faction into the Empire of Rhovanion
  • Change the family tree
  • Culture has been changed into Elven, while religion remains Northman (at least for the time being)
  • Rename the entire roster to reflect the changes
  • Add a dwarven catapult to reflect close ties to Erebor
  • Buildings will carry elven style to reflect the merging of Avari with the Northmen of Rhovanion to create a new people, similarly how Númenóreans were created at the end of the First Age
  • Create new traits to reflect how the ruling elite are of the new Rhovanim people
  • Add a script for reclamation of lands of the old kingdom of Rhovanion (Rhovanion and Dorwinion provinces), similarly to Rhûn gain bonuses based on the regions reclaimed
  • Possibly add Ents at the end of the script, still looking into possibilities of the final bonus when Rhovanion has been reclaimed
  • Change the start location
  • Possible Khand alliance if Khand aligns with the Blue Wizards (to reflect close ties with Alatar the Blue)
  • Main enemy is quite likely going to remain Rhûn with a more likely conflict with Dol Guldur

Other planned features:

  • Rename Remnants of Angmar into Witch-Realm of Angmar
  • Rename Orcs of Gundabad into Remanants of Angmar (description changes will come in a future version as Rhovanion is the main focus for this one)
  • Overall balancing of factions so Arnor and Sindar won't simply steamroll over everything
  • Miscellaneous region and settlement name changes to better fit the direction of the submod
  • Fix the Catapult Range ctd issue which currently exists in the test version

A little bit of background on the new Rhovanion faction. They are a people of mixed elven and northman blood while northmen and avari live among them, majority of the populace are of this new people. They have been in existence for a few centuries and have been hidden with the aid of Alatar the Blue and some ents who had ventured that far into the east, into the Wilderlands. Their city has been kept hidden by Alatar's magic and built by the Avari and Dwarves from Iron Hills over the time of the last few centuries, making it one of the most advanced cities is Middle-Earth. Now that they are ready to start reclaiming the heritage of their northman ancestors, their ruling family, who claim to be descended from prince Vidugavia himself, are ready to stake their claim for the old lands of Rhovanion and challenge the power of Rhûn and, by extension, that of Sauron in the east.

Now, I cannot give you a release date but rather 1.5 will be released when ready. Most of the planned features have already been completed, only the more challenging ones are yet to be completed. If you wish to get the descriptions updated faster, consider asking me about joining the team as I always welcome help. People with skillsets other than description writing are welcome to join the team as well. ^^

Happy New Year!


Cool cant wait to try out the Empire of Rhovanion
For the Empire!

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Athilora Author

Check my streams while it is WIP as I will test it on a weekly basis if you are interested in seeing some of the changes.

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