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Version 11 will finally be released, relatively soon. Much work has been put into this release, including a Massive campaign map.

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Finally, I am pleased to announce that soon the next major update release, in the form of Version 11 will be ready relatively soon. The first main new item will be the 3rd New Horizons campaign mission (for the Soviet/CSTO faction). This mission will quite possibly be the most detailed mission map so far, based on a real-life location. The details of the mission will be elaborated upon once Version 11 is released.

Next, the version of Ares has been updated to Version 3. Ares is the 3rd-party independent coding that has created the possibility of adding many new features, and is currently developed primarily by 'AlexB'. Included in Version 11 of N.H. will be the expanded spy actions; this depends on what building is spied upon, but effects can include limiting enemy radar range, hijacking enemy radars (to extend your vision range), determining enemy base power levels, or intelligence on what the enemy is building.

There will also be a significant portion of completely new assets; this will include buidings, units, and animations, many of which based upon real-life counterparts. Some are made from scratch, some existing objects were overhauled, and some are openly-sourced from 3rd parties (referenced in credited file folder) that I have modified. These new items will be elaborated upon once Version 11 is released.

Additional rebalances have been made, including economical ones, taking into account the arrival of many new assets.

Along with updates Ares functionality, another 3rd-party independent coding has been introduced, that is meant to function supplementary to Ares, and that is the public release of Phobos 0.2.2. This adds some further optimisation, as well as the possibility for implementing some further features. Some of the features I have opted to implement include the extended object descriptions (including where applicable power consumption, or recharge time), active-to-total number of resource gathering units, and another feature that directly affects certain armoured vehicles, which will be elaborated upon once Version 11 is released.

Of course, there will be miscellaneous changes. Most of which are mundane, or I simply haven't kept track of (it can be easy to forget things I've changed!). For example, AI improvements, and neatening/trimming code, and some light debugging.

This announcement has been made deliberately obscure, so as not to spoil the true extent of what Version 11 entails!

Watch this space for the next release ;)

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Is there a discord ?

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there is a bug when played in skirmishes. my os is windows 7:

Internal Error encountered!
Ares version: 20.333.289
Exception code: C0000005 at 0069E800
EIP: 0069E800 ESP: 0018CECC EBP: 0018D0FC
EAX: 1A6F4978 EBX: 150B3CC0 ECX: 0000B370
EDX: 000077A1 ESI: 00003BD0 EDI: 1A69ADF0

Stack dump:
0018CECC: 004AEE82
0018CED0: 0018CF14
0018CED4: 00003BD0
0018CED8: 0018D0FC
0018CEDC: 00006E01
0018CEE0: 00000000
0018CEE4: 136A7560
0018CEE8: 0000041C
0018CEEC: 1A69A900
0018CEF0: FFFFF749
0018CEF4: 00000000
0018CEF8: 00000000
0018CEFC: 00000000
0018CF00: 00000000
0018CF04: 00000000
0018CF08: 00000000
0018CF0C: 00000000
0018CF10: 00000000
0018CF14: 00000000
0018CF18: 00000000
0018CF1C: 000004AE
0018CF20: 000002E0
0018CF24: 000069CA
0018CF28: 000001A0
0018CF2C: 150B3CC0
0018CF30: 00000000
0018CF34: 000017B3
0018CF38: 136A7560
0018CF3C: 00000000
0018CF40: 00000000
0018CF44: 000004AE
0018CF48: 000002E0
0018CF4C: 007E2070
0018CF50: 00001E68
0018CF54: 00000000
0018CF58: 00000000
0018CF5C: 00000001
0018CF60: 00000000
0018CF64: 00000000
0018CF68: 00180E00
0018CF6C: 00000000
0018CF70: 00000000
0018CF74: 000004AE
0018CF78: 00000300
0018CF7C: 00706602
0018CF80: 162730A0
0018CF84: 00003BD0
0018CF88: 0018CFD4
0018CF8C: 0018D0FC
0018CF90: 00006E01
0018CF94: 00000000
0018CF9C: 00000000
0018CFA0: 000003E8
0018CFA4: 00000000
0018CFA8: 00000000
0018CFAC: 00000000
0018CFB0: 00000000
0018CFB4: 00000000
0018CFB8: 00000000
0018CFBC: 1A05A848
0018CFC0: 0018D0FC
0018CFC4: 0018D0B4
0018CFC8: 01000000
0018CFCC: 00000000
0018CFD0: 00000000
0018CFD4: 0000041C
0018CFD8: FFFFF749
0018CFDC: 00008A00
0018CFE0: 00002600
0018CFE4: 00000138
0018CFE8: 150B3CC0
0018CFEC: 0000007B
0018CFF0: 0000007B
0018CFF4: 1A69BE40
0018CFF8: 00000000
0018CFFC: 00000027
0018D000: 00000E7F
0018D004: 60E349FE
0018D008: 1A05A848
0018D00C: 0043D864
0018D010: 162730A0
0018D014: 00000000
0018D018: FFFFFFD3
0018D01C: 0018D0FC
0018D020: 00000000
0018D024: 00000100
0018D028: FFFFFFD3
0018D02C: 00000002
0018D030: 0026008A
0018D034: 0026008A
0018D038: 00000000
0018D03C: 19029E30
0018D040: 00000000
0018D044: 000000C6
0018D048: 000001A0
0018D04C: 00000000
0018D050: 1A05A848
0018D054: 0018D0FC
0018D058: FFFF6B70
0018D05C: 00000000
0018D060: 00000000
0018D064: 162730A0
0018D068: 00250089
0018D06C: 00000000
0018D070: 19029E30
0018D074: 00000000
0018D078: 0000001E
0018D07C: 000000C6
0018D080: 000001A0
0018D084: 00000100
0018D088: 00000100
0018D08C: 00008A00
0018D090: 00002600
0018D094: 00000138
0018D098: 0043D00B
0018D09C: 0018D0B4
0018D0A0: 00000000
0018D0A4: 0001031B
0018D0A8: 1A05A848
0018D0AC: 000002E0
0018D0B0: 00000000
0018D0B4: 0000041C
0018D0B8: FFFFF749
0018D0BC: 00008900
0018D0C0: 00002500
0018D0C4: 00000138
0018D0C8: 00017EFE
0018D0CC: 006D9A27
0018D0D0: 0018D0FC
0018D0D4: 00000001
0018D0D8: 00000000
0018D0DC: 00000000
0018D0E0: 12E0B140
0018D0E4: 00000000
0018D0E8: 00000001
0018D0EC: 00000000
0018D0F0: 00000000
0018D0F4: 000004AE
0018D0F8: 000002E0
0018D0FC: 00000000
0018D100: 00000000
0018D104: 000004AE
0018D108: 000002E0
0018D10C: FFFF841C
0018D110: FFFF6B70
0018D114: 00017EFF
0018D118: 00017EFE
0018D11C: 006D3A43
0018D120: 00000001
0018D124: 000000DF
0018D128: 0018D178
0018D12C: 00000000
0018D130: 0018D200
0018D134: 12E0B140
0018D138: 150B3D00
0018D13C: 000004D0
0018D140: 00000061
0018D144: 00000000
0018D148: 00000000
0018D14C: 00000000
0018D150: 000004AE
0018D154: 000002E0
0018D158: 00000000
0018D15C: 00000000
0018D160: 000004AE
0018D164: 000002E0
0018D168: 00000000
0018D16C: 00000000
0018D170: 000004AE
0018D174: 000002E0
0018D178: 00000000
0018D17C: 00000000
0018D180: 000004AE
0018D184: 000002E0
0018D188: 006D44FC
0018D18C: 0018D1BC
0018D190: 0018D1CC
0018D194: 0018D200
0018D198: 0018D200
0018D19C: 0087F7E8
0018D1A0: 150B3B60
0018D1A4: 00000000
0018D1A8: 00000000
0018D1AC: 00000000
0018D1B0: 00000000
0018D1B4: 0000D2FC
0018D1B8: 150B3D70
0018D1BC: 00000000
0018D1C0: 00000000
0018D1C4: 00000000
0018D1C8: 00000000
0018D1CC: 00000000
0018D1D0: 00000000
0018D1D4: 00000000
0018D1D8: 00000000
0018D1DC: 00000000
0018D1E0: 00000000
0018D1E4: 000004AE
0018D1E8: 00000000
0018D1EC: 00000000
0018D1F0: 000002E0
0018D1F4: 000004AE
0018D1F8: 00000000
0018D1FC: 00000000
0018D200: 00000000
0018D204: 00000000
0018D208: 00000000
0018D20C: 00000000
0018D210: 00000000
0018D214: 00000000
0018D218: 00000000
0018D21C: 000004AE
0018D220: 00000000
0018D224: 00000000
0018D228: 000002E0
0018D22C: 00000000
0018D230: 00000000
0018D234: 00000000
0018D238: 00000000
0018D23C: 00000000
0018D240: 00000000
0018D244: 00000000
0018D248: 00000000
0018D24C: 00000000
0018D250: 00000000
0018D254: 000004AE
0018D258: 000002E0
0018D25C: 00000000
0018D260: 00000000

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Lee3y Author

Hi there, you will need to provide that info to the Ares developers, as there is nothing I can do with that. There is a list of known EIP codes on Modenc, and I had a quick look at yours, but it is not there.

What I can possibly do to help, is if you can provide more exact circumstances the error occurred at? The more the better, starting with the exact map. Even better, if you can save the game before your error occurs (presuming you can recreate it), then if it is a recurring error, try loading and then saving closer to the point of that crash; perhaps you will spot what happens before the crash.

One common crash for the game (inherent to it's design) is poor AI pathfinding. So if you have created an overly complicated map the AI cannot navigate, then it causes such an error. I have found some maps like that, and had to delete them.

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