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Just an update on progress towards the release of 2.1!

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Hello everyone;

First off, my most sincere apologies for the lack of updates. I've been dealing with University, a soon to be splintered family life due to my father's acquisition of a new job in Europe and petty personal issues also.

There WILL be a Christmas Release regardless.

I plan on uploading a full version of 2.1 to help remove any possible issues with patching. I know this may be annoying for some but I feel it's the best option. Sorry in advance.

There will also be no installer, I have no knowledge of how to make one and I do not know anyone with that expertise, so until further notice it's rar. format.

I do not currently know what 2.1 will include content wise due to the fact that I plan on releasing it right around Christmas, and it depends on how much time I have to work on it.

Cover Rework
Placeholder Armour stats
Tweaked MGs

Possible (Likely):
Proper Weaponry stats across the board
Updated Soviet skins (Infantry)

Possible (Unlikely):
Updated models (PaK43, EF Models, Panzer IV, Panther Ausf. G etc.)
Integrated Popcap for all units (This would allow for players to know how many men are in their unit, quite useful.)

I will try my best to implement what I can, with the time I have for everyone. Updated models require me to have the files (Some of which I cannot get at the moment) plus the time and know how to implement them.

Voices will require an absurd amount of work, don't expect them anytime soon!

Popcap is easy in theory, but difficult in practice. I can macro all of the units to have popcap (Thus fixing the issue with not knowing how many men are in a unit) But doing this will automatically break any ability that calls in units. As you know, N44 is almost entirely loaded with these. In order to fix them I would have to calculate each ability and then input the correct number. This is stupidly time consuming, hence it's placement.

While this may be quite tedious for me at times, I still think it's a good use of my time. I will once more look into (And actually setup this time, my lord) a Paypal account for donations if people would like to give to it. This is entirely optional and based upon individual charity; I do not expect/require/demand anything for anyone.

I only hope that you enjoy the modification, as that brings me a ton of satisfaction for the amount of hours I put into this. :) Thanks everyone, till Christmas; Ta ta!

Mrakos2005 - - 13 comments

Nice one, can't wait! Keep up the good work...

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Emrick09 - - 34 comments

My favourite mod! Thanks!

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fallbarbarossa - - 140 comments

Can't wait! Sorry to hear about your problems :/

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