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Civil Café is a development team that aims to create and offer good quality mods to the community. The main engine we use for our modifications is Source.

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Upcoming Project:

I would like to say that I finally found the motivation to start the making of A.R.C:Source, which will have a new and better name. It took me quite a while to learn the basics of hammer, but with the help of the tutorials out there I am surely ready now. Of course, that doesn't mean I'm an expert. That's why I hope to convince our gold source mapper Stream Fox to start source mapping and to help me with the further development of the mod.
It's been a long time since I announced that we will move to source and I would like to say that I got 50% of the concepts done, as well as some maps plans, the story has been rewrited and many other things.


However, we go back to our common problem. The need of talented people. Since last year, I must say that I got a lot of experience with people and I will not make the same mistakes I did before. From this moment I start my hunt for members.
We currently have to cover these posts:

- Modeling (We need 2 kind of modelers, someone who can make static models and props and someone experienced with animation)
- Coding (The coder must be able to implement new weapons,NPC's and other small features.
- Music composer (We mostly need atmospheric music, but also a few action/combat music tracks.

If you want to apply for one of those posts feel free to contact me on yahoo, MSN, moddb, Steam: Blue Cheetah.

We had a great deal of help from the community when we were working on Project A.R.C and we still hope that you can help us in our future projects to make them one of a kind.


Well you got your composer already so you can take that one down!!!

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