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Getting close to the initial open alpha release of Liberty!

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Apart from some delays due to the latest patch (got to rework some stuff to clear up bugs and crashes), the Liberty Open Alpha is almost ready for release.

The Liberty Alpha so far will contain:

Republic of Liberty as the only playable faction:


Norfolk Class Shipyard ('frigate' factory)

Bastion Class Weapons Platform (defence gun)

Flight Academy (replaces hangar defence but only has guns no 'fighters'. Will have more features in future)

Military Depot (Refinery)

Trade Port


Heavy Constructor (constructor)

Military Transport (Refinery ship)

Civilian Rhino Freighter(Trade Ship)

Patriot-S LF (Scout)

Patriot LF (Interceptor)

Defender HF (Long Range Missile)

Defender MK2 HF (Multi-Role)

Upholder VHF (Anti-Capital)

Liberator Class Frigate (Colony Ship)

Independence Class Cruiser (Anti-Capital/Anti-Module)

Dreadnaught Class Battleship (Battleship)

Flagship Dreadnaught (Upgradable Battleship)

Starfire Patriot (ACE pilot)

Valiant Defender (ACE Pilot)

LSF Partisan (ACE Pilot)

LSF Enforcer (ACE Pilot)

Currently there is only very vague balance around the fact that Upholders will wreck capital ships and get owned by other fighters, while regular fighters will have a hard time damaging the capital ships.

There are still some generic TEC station models and the Pirates are still the regular sins version.
Also, Culture centers will no longer 'spread' culture but will just boost allegiance and repel culture.
More on that in future! =P

I will try to fix the current bugs as quickly as possible so everyone can get a taste of the Liberty Naval Forces and an idea of what SotSS will play like


Can't wait for the alpha release now :D also i like the idea about the culture centers boosting the allegiance

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Wintercross Author

Glad you guys are excited. It'll take me a while to convert everything to the latest patch, but once I've done that it should be good to go

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cant wait for the alpha now

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