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As I am working on the next big update I wanted to share a little of what’s coming: Legendary Gear!

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So let’s start this thread, shall we!?

For me legendary items in Rogue Empire should:

  • Look cool & make you drool... awe at it!
  • Stay relevant!
  • Be as fun as possible!

As an example I will show the very first legendary: The Fiery Soul Cutter!

Look cool!It is said 1 image... gif is worth more than a 1000 words...

Staying Relevant!One of my objectives with legendary gear is that it should be available with a little luck (and some fate) from the start of the game. So in order for a legendary item to stay relevant later on as you progress they scale in power with the wielder level!
As an example let’s look (in the new leaner item details UI :steamhappy: ) how this works for The Fiery Soul Cutter:

Be as fun as possible!As the previous image hinted the Fiery Soul Cutter has an interesting proc ;) Do you like spontaneous combustion? I am all for it... if it is on an enemy :P!

So that's it for this little preview :steamhappy: What do you think? Are you as excited for legendary items as I am?

Cheers and happy dungeon crawling!

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