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This article contains some spoilers for in-game events and such, if you'd like to experience the content for yourself first be warned.

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Hi all,

This article is to give some insight as to future content for RotC. Things may be added that aren't listed here, however these are my ideas so far.


The Old Japanese and Ezo
Old Japanese remain in Aomori (slightly) and Hakodate (significantly)


When the Catpeople landed on Japan and began their rule in 1730, an assimilation process took place in which a fusion of Japanese culture and influence from Catpeople culture combined into a new identity which is represented through the Humano-Catpeople in-game. However, some Japanese resisted this. Most potently in the north, but also in Shikoku and Kyushu.

By 1770 the south was assimilated completely, but Tohoku and Ezo remained resistant. There was even a small amount of armed rebellions from time to time, especially around Aomori and Hakodate.

A resettlement campaign along with harsh treatment from Kyoto led to Tohoku being pacified by the 1790s, although resistance to assimilation continues to a slight degree even by 1836. Ezo, however, would take longer to bring into the fold.

The old Japanese and native Ainu peoples together clashed with Catpeople officials until 1804, when the last organized rebellion was crushed around modern day Niseko. Passive resistance continues in Ezo (and Aomori to a smaller extent) up to the start of the game.


I plan to add a rebel nation which will consist of the old Japanese and Ainu peoples in Ezo, and possibly Aomori too. There may be content allowing you to reconquer Japan from the Catpeople and to reverse the near century of cultural assimilation that they instilled throughout much of the land. This will be a challenge, though, since you will only have Ezo to work with. How to spawn this nation I will explain once the update is released.

Manchuria, China and More

Manchuria and surrounding lands

Currently, there is a scripted event which will allow you to conquer Korea which fires anywhere from the late 1850s to 1860s. However there is no further scripted expansion events. I plan to add expansion events into Manchuria, Taiwan, and possibly even mainland China itself. I will also add content for Sakhalin and the Kurils in the future, and perhaps something with Siberia too.

General Flavor

I plan to add more flavor to Catgirldom, some relating to government, (alternate) historical events, and more. There also isn't much flavor for the other countries besides Catgirldom that I've added, so I'll add more to them as well. Right now I only have general ideas, but here's a tease as to something I do plan to expand upon next update.

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