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Here are some details of some things that im currently working for the next release.

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Updated 19-06-11

I have adapted the default AI scripts from broodwar to use the new units and make the AI a little bit harder, still need a lot of improvement, but it will be enough for this version.

-Added Terran Techs Labs and Reactors.
Tech Labs and Reactors can be switched between Barrack, Factory and Starport. (100% Working)
Reactors make Marines, Vultures and Wraiths train two times faster.

-Ghost new spell Snipe: 75 dmg ignore armor. Can only target organic units.
-Ghost Ocular implants upgrade also increase Snipe damage by 15.

-Medic Restoration spell changed to Restoration Spray: Remove harmful effects for units and buildings in a medium AoE, do not remove Lockdown or Stasis Field.
-Medic Optical Flare spell removed.

-Stormraven new ability Blinding Nova: Blind targets in a AoE for a time. Ability need to be researched.

-New Centrifugal Hooks upgrade for banelings that make them move faster and give a damage bonus to his acid spray effect.

-Sentry Seismic Shockwave ability also damage nearby buildings dealing 20% of their current HP.
-Sentry now have an attack, deals concussive damage and can attack both air and ground
-Sentry Shield regeneration aura removed

-High Templar attack removed
-Archon and Dark Archon regenerate nearby units shields while is warping. (done)
I have removed the energy regeneration from dark archons because it can be easily abused. Although I'm able to make them regenerate a maximum amount of energy or a limited number of units but its feel like an unnatural mechanic. So i will let both archons regenerate shields for now.

The new version will be ready soon. I just need to make a little more test and some tweaks.

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