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Information about the upcoming 1.0 Release of the mod.

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This news update will contain news and updates on the Alpha 1.0 release of the mod.

As of Alpha 1.0 the mod will be considered "released" but not complete. The reason Alpha 1.0 will be 1.0 instead of 0.5 and what not is because Alpha 1.0 will contain enough content to consider the mod past the placeholder stage where as the 0.X releases have all contained minimal content and placeholders.

Below will be the information on the release.

Assured Features:

  • Reworked Research trees, to facilitate the new techs/weapons.
  • New weapons, such as auto-cannons and flak-cannons not to mention nukes! (nukes are not actually assured I just hope they will work).
  • New resource.. Tylium. (Not entirely sure what to use this for yet but I hope to have it replace ship fuel).
  • New ship designs/images.
  • New characters .
  • AI enhancement.
  • New Pirates.
  • Two out of four races, Cylons and humans.
  • Fully named vessels/designs.

And that's not everything (just everything i could think of).

So expect lots of new content coming up bringing this mod to a REAL stage rather then placeholder content and base races.

2015 10 23 021935

Below I will state content that you should expect to see coming in overtime leading up to the 2.0 (NON ALPHA) version of the mod.

Things I want to add:

  • Total weapons/research overhaul.
  • Even more AI enhancement.
  • Reforge AI tactics (if possible).
  • higher quality images.

Well that's all I have thought of for this post. Make sure to check up daily for updates, I will make another post when 1.0 is done and uploaded.

And last but not least try out the latest Alpha and let me know what you think

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