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New version released for UPatch HD - the unofficial (HD) patch for "Age of Empires: The Rise of Rome"! The classic Age of Empires - revived in HD! The patch offers HD resolutions, hundreds of bug fixes, new gameplay options and many other enhancements.

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UPatch HD 1.1

New version released - click Download above to get UPatch HD 1.1 - Release 4! If you already have one of the previous 1.1 releases, just install the new version over the old one to update your game.

With over 60 000 downloads and universal recognition, UPatch HD has become the preferred way to play AOE1! Huge thanks to all users who supported and continue to support this patch in any way!

>>>>>>>>> For more information about UPatch HD and all of its features - visit the official site.

Here's what's new in version 1.1 - Release 4:

- Support for even higher resolution: 2560x1440 (QHD) is now supported!
Note: For 3840x2160 (Ultra HD/4K), just use 1920x1080 (without Windowed mode) - it fits perfectly. This is the best way to play in 4K, as AOE's engine doesn't support scaling (it's a limitation of the game).

AOE in 2560x1440!AOE in 2560x1440!

- Support for 3 new languages: Russian, Chinese Traditional and Chinese Simplified! These languages can be selected during setup or changed at any time from Launcher - Settings - Game Language.

New languages

- Support for High DPI - all parts of the patch now display correctly with High DPI settings.
Note: If your screen has very high pixel density, everything in the game will look tiny. Because the game doesn't support scaling, the only way around this is to use lower resolution with the same aspect ratio.

- The game now remembers the last state (shown or hidden) of scores (F4) and timer/population (F11). For example, if you enable scores and then exit the game, next time you play, the scores will be shown automatically on game start. Launcher - Settings - Advanced options "Show Time/Pop on start" and "Show Score on start" are now removed as they are no longer needed.

- The new release also contains some additional bug fixes and optimizations.

For more information - visit the official site.


If someone wants to resell AOE1 they should hire you first. Honestly this patch is ******* amazing.

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Thanks for the update to your awesome mod!

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Cool! Is it possible to buy and download AOE somewhere legally? Problem is I can't seem to find it anywhere.

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aoe_scout Author

You can order AOE Collector's Edition DVD (usually for less than 10$) from different online stores.

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Thank you! This is what hd patches should be like!
Any chances of having Japanese language in the next updates?

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Awsome patch although there still us 1 major issue i recently played 2 games vs 7 ais , in a few words the ONLY ai that actually was actively attacking building and so on ( playing the game ) was the 6th player ( civ was random ) and the 4tth civ in my second game game lasted 1.55 hours first 1.32 the second

all other ones were stuck in bronze age ( game started in bronze age )and all of emn had 3-4 farms barracks/granary and a random storage + 6-7 houses and 4 villagers 3 farmers and 1 scounting THATS IT.

so the ai build orders are broken or what? the ai ALSO doesnt seem to gather any resources had no stone/goild/woodcutters what the heck?, how can 6 ai not build and/or attack within 1.43 hours ( the whole game lasted 1.55 minutes )

game settings used
sp random map
8 playes ( 7 ai ) all random
revealed map
no cheats
no fixed positions
no teams
res default
victory default
pathfinding very high
unnoficial patch 4 applied

1200p and 768 p ( not taht it matters or does it??

i havent encountered this in the vanilla 1.01 or whatever is the aoe collectors edition ( ror/aok/tq/bonus st ) the edition that i have has 4 cd's wich i described, and wich i was playing from time to time .

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One of my favorite games finally gets the treatment it deserves :)

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audio/music problem
installed AOE Gold on XP, everything including music was good.
checked install folder. found music mp3 file.
then installed this upatch release 4. no music played.
music mp3 file exists but can't play it in the game.
uninstalled upatch, executed AOE Gold, BGM played normally.
what can I do to play BGM in game, with release 4?
with release 3, BGM had no problem.
anyway, thanx for reviving my nostalgia. thank you thank you.

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This is an interesting mod but it does not work! I deleted the game 16 times and reinstalled it again (from the original CD !!) but still it do not want to start the game with the extension. I never had such problems.

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Why my f-secure antivirus says this mod has a virus?

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