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What has been accomplished, our aims and what's to come...

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News Post 22/05/11

Hello one and all,

We started working on this project a few weeks ago and we've been impressed by how far we've come in such a short amount of time. We can see the potential that this game has and feel that we can add the right elements to the game so that the final product will be entertaining, innovative and worth the wait!


Building this map has been unlike any other that we've attempted before; we've been constantly experimenting with how best to go about the design - after all, we need to satisfy FPS, RTS and multiplayer gameplay in one move. It's a tricky business to go about, but we're determined to persevere and create the perfect map.

We've been trying to add multiple entrances and exits for each building in 'the complex', so that the Zombie side is able to attack from any angle - keeping the Human side on their toes - but also allowing the Human side to pick the best way in and out of the buildings - the last thing they want is to fall into a trap set by the other team! We've decided to keep some entrances and exits as "the only way through" so that, if the Human team decide to take separate paths, they will be forced to work together in key zones.

Lighting has also been on our minds. We want to fulfill the horror element of the game by keeping lights to a minimum, but to add creative effect, some areas are very poorly lit and others are very brightly lit. Of course, this can't be over done or too dramatic so getting correct lighting design is key.

That's it from us, until next time!

~ Cactus Game Studios


Sounds great, your lighting looks fantastic too.

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Sounds like Zombie Master to me.
None the less, I shall track.
Interested to see how it differs.

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