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Untamed: Life of a Cougar beta 3.0.1, is an upgraded version of the beta 3.0 that takes care of the bug which prevents the cub from loading after the game has been save. continue reading to learn more about Untamed:Life f a Cougar beta 3.0

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It has been quite a journey but finally Untamed: Life of a Cougar beta 3.0 has been released. this will be the last open beta version that will be publicly made available till the final game release.For everyone that has contributed to the development of Untamed: Life of a Cougar, I will like to say a big thank you.Untamed beta 3.0 brings with it various new features, optimizations, improvements and well new bugs, so let us start with the new features.

Major Features of Untamed beta 3.0

  • New Terrain: Goodbye old plain terrain, and welcome new mountainous, harder to navigate, better looking terrain.
  • New Born Cubs: They are so small that they can't run and will put you on alert mode when taking them to a new den.
  • Adolescent Cubs: Like teenagers, these cubs roam away from the den if there is no food around to try their little claws at hunting and making you concerned about their safety in the process, but they don't care either way.
  • Male Cougars (Mates): These males are ready to take on a mountain for your sake...that is before you have cubs.
  • Male Cougars (Cub Killers): Like the name suggests, you will end up hating this character and maybe the developer that put it there (Hopefully not).
  • Primary Game Cycle: The basic cycle of the untamed and also its main focus point.
  • Player Upgrades: The player now earns skill points from killing other characters and raising cubs.
  • Settings improvement: Although not much, a basic volume slider has been added to give the payer more control over the game audio.
  • Improved Tutorial Terrain: The tutorial terrain is no more bland as it used to be but now better looking.

Improvements in 3.0

There are a lot of improvements in Untamed beta 3.0, but I cannot go into all of them as they will just fill this post with programming jargon which is quite boring, so I will go into some of the more interesting ones

  • Swimming: Yes you can now swim without fear of the unknown and it also comes with a free swimming animation ( :-) ) . The river can also serve as your ally when crossing it to escape from danger.
  • Camera: Although the camera has not been fully improved (yes it is that hard), a lot of jitters that comes with various player movements like strafing, pouncing and jumping have been removed for now. major improvements will be made after the final release.
  • Jumping: After receiving a lot of complaints on the jumping in Untamed, I'm glad to announce that it has been largely improved and it also looks better on the eye (it also came with a free bug) .

Known Bugs

  • The Player can fall through the terrain at anytime, this happens mostly around steep hills....beware of steep hills.
  • The Jumping animation always plays after resuming the game, exiting a message screen, and also exiting the map, please try to live with may just like it someday an also it does not cause any harm to gameplay.

So these are the basic things you can see in Untamed beta 3.0, if you have played the previous beta versions, then you will appreciate the v3.0 because honestly a lot has been put into this release.for any bug report, review, suggesting, critique and anything else except spam and trolling contact me the developer at

Have fun and Happy Hunting.
Eugene Onuoha,

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